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Why Now More And More Farmers To Buy Veterinary Medicine Tablets Choose To Buy Online?
Aug 18, 2017

Why now more and more farmers to buy Veterinary Medicine Tablets choose to buy online?
The so-called "collection" of intensive pig farms in the past two years is the collective, collection, concentration, and dictionary also explains: "Many people together to organize the whole, etc. The so-called" about ", dictionary On the "constraints, restrictions, about and so on. As the name suggests, "intensive" word used in the pig industry is focused on both the concentration of the number of stocking units to limit the number of stocking.
However, some pig farm happens to "intensive", understood as crowded, intensive, always think: "how bold people, how large circle, as long as the courage is large, and then crowded not afraid." Because there is This idea, each column should be stocked 6-7 pig's column, suddenly increased to 12-14 head, a serious violation of the laws of nature, undermine the harmony between pigs and nature.
Column stocking density caused by the pig upset, bite the tail, jumping jumping circle, health difficult, air pollution, poor environment, all the way. But these players are, but full of minds are disinfected injections, but the more serious governance, and finally caused the pig died dead. The owners did not realize that there was a great deal of relationship with the stocking density of the pigs. To the pig fresh air, the activities of the space, a good environment, the only way to make the bacteria no foothold, there is no chance, the overall health of pigs can be guaranteed.
Then talk about a lot of pig farm drug veterinary reasons:
First, the Veterinary Medicine Tablets prices are getting higher and higher, the reason is roughly two aspects: First, Veterinary Medicine Tablets packaging more and more beautiful, this beautiful coat increased a lot of sales costs.
Second, the traditional sales and publicity model spending is growing, the middle part of the cost is getting higher and higher, such as the middle of the dealer plus some money, small dealers add some money, which caused the high cost, and ultimately lead to drug costs improve. This increases the production cost of the farmer, while the Veterinary Medicine Tablets uses the online direct sales model, from the factory directly to the farmers, thus eliminating most of the intermediate costs, so the cost of medication reduced a lot, which is a lot of farmers choose us s reason.
    Sometimes the time is not easy for a farmer or dealer, want to find a good Veterinary Medicine Tablets manufacturers sometimes is not easy, after all, is now the information age, need to filter from a lot of information which is a good manufacturer, then a good Veterinary Medicine Tablets manufacturers not only to reflect the quality of products and services, but also to provide a complete set of qualifications, such as GMP, Veterinary Medicine Tablets production license, business license, etc., which is a good Veterinary Medicine Tablets manufacturers premise. So today there are editors to teach you how to identify and find a good Veterinary Medicine Tablets manufacturers.
         First, the certificate is a prerequisite, must have three cards (GMP certificate, Veterinary Medicine Tablets production license, business license) has three certificates that have been recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture, with the ability to produce qualified products.
Second, reliable third party certification
       We all know, is the regular manufacturers GMP, Veterinary Medicine Tablets production license will have, then have the above two cards is not the effect of his products like it? Buy their products to protect it? This is not necessarily the above two certificates just to prove that he is a regular manufacturers, then my dear friends and dealers friends, the following tell you how to find a guaranteed manufacturers. Many customers find manufacturers are generally through Baidu search, Baidu's reputation and influence in China I do not say, then Baidu is a very well-known enterprises, then Baidu certification that a good company, then the general manufacturers are not bad
Third, okay, we have the final say
A product and how the manufacturers, must be breeding friends and dealers friends used to be considered, only the customer said good, the product is really good.