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Why Is The Survival Of Veterinary Medicine Tabletsstore Dealers Growing Pressure?
Aug 09, 2017

Why is the survival of Veterinary Medicine Tabletsstore dealers growing pressure?
Large aquaculture companies, especially the emergence of aquaculture groups, overwhelmed a large number of retail. Large-scale breeding company to purchase products, select the surface relative to a single. Usually choose the Veterinary Medicine Tablets industry's first echelon of animal companies, or choose foreign companies, and directly linked with the Veterinary Medicine Tablets manufacturers. Dealers generally can not do their business.
It is understood that in the central region of Henan, in the past in Linying, Wuyang, Yuzhou, Yancheng and other counties, broiler breeding is quite large, but now the individual farmers almost disappeared. One of the very important reason is that Luohe Shuanghui himself on the 50 million broiler project, are in the surrounding counties of Luohe self-built chicken farms.
Some of the medium-sized farmers, farming bosses, they themselves are professional background, understand the disease to understand the drug treatment, they do not need the dealer's technology, but the need for a simple product, then they will buy their own goods. And some size field boss, then will recruit a technical staff responsible for the technology, so they will purchase their own products.
These medium-sized farmers, due to management standards, a high degree of scientific, pay attention to prevention, so the demand for dealers on the small, and some even choose to purchase products directly from the manufacturers.
The times are changing. The past is the poor engaged in farming, and now is the rich engaged in farming, upside down. They have to rely on the feed and medicines provided by the dealers, Veterinary Medicine Tablets as well as technical services, and the need for dealers to credit their feeds and medicines. The economy is low, the economic base is weak and the working capital is small.
After all, feed and drugs have to credit out, there is a certain risk. So will be based on the market, the breeding cycle for a certain period and amount of credit. That era, the dealer is the level of the transfer station, the role of service stations, but also act as a broker, to help retail buyers to buy pig baby, selling pigs.
So that period, the dealer live moisture, operating profit is also high.
And now, engage in breeding are large, are on the scale of profits, so for cost control, cost savings, will put forward higher requirements. Now the development of the present situation, now is no longer that extensive era. Therefore, practitioners are generally relatively large capital is relatively large; they are usually based on cost savings considerations, and choose to purchase directly from the manufacturers of feed and animal pills.
 Veterinary Medicine Tablets are also eroding the dealer's market
Dealers have been more and more difficult to do, but the drug factory he has to survive. So, when the clerk does not come to the dealer's business, he was forced to survive the pressure, it will directly sink into the line to find farmers cooperation. Of course, there are many pharmaceutical companies are now directly located in the farms, in particular, some pharmaceutical bosses, but also requires the salesman under the market directly to the development of farms, that is, from the strategy has to give up the dealer.
The clerk operates directly on the farm, Veterinary Medicine Tablets in the new situation of the convenient conditions. The first is the large scale of the farm, the goods will not be scattered in general. In the past, the single player (field) is small, the manufacturer can not send the goods. Now, the scale up, one is to dozens of pieces, hundreds of pieces.
Second, now large-scale field are equipped with specialized professional veterinarians, Veterinary Medicine Tablets they already have the ability to clinics, but also understand pathology pharmacology. So they do not need external technical support, and only the needs of the product. Virtually, to the clerk with their direct cooperation, creating the possibility.
The third is, now the logistics is also very developed. Usually within the province of delivery, to the province of farms, the day of delivery to the day or the next morning to. Logistics is too developed, but also caused the dealer's warehouse function is weakened.