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Veterinary Medicine Small Scattered Farmers Will Eventually
Jul 07, 2017

Veterinary Medicine Small scattered farmers will eventually 

Pig is an integral part of agriculture, the pig and the traditional agricultural and industrial difference is bigger, can have the wheat and electrical production inventory, but the timing of the pig is more outstanding, basic no pig enterprise will hoard bounty. Pig as a planning the scope of the agricultural industrialization must have tended to intensive mixing industry development trend, thousands of years of small scattered will become history, perhaps, become a stepping stone industry development.

Veterinary Medicine Experts heard more than once heard, China is pork consumption power, half the world's pork are digested in China, in addition to pork, eating pig launching of the world's countries may also only here. Is the vast market and industrial recession will have a lot of social capital in recent years to the social status of the industry transfer, but it was also because of this, the domestic pig industry to develop rapidly in a short time.

Nowadays, China's position in the world is more and more high, people's consumption level is higher and higher also, any may be profitable industry in China will be huge consumer groups to promote into a remarkable amount of industry. There was an assumption that if people could give one dollar each to themselves, Veterinary Medicine they could become billionaires. This is a joke in itself, but now many companies are doing it, such as tencent, alibaba, China mobile.

First tell me about Chinese eating habits, meat, milk and eggs in the basket, China occupied a high proportion of pork meat, and domestic consumption of pork is not just like abroad only eat pork, pig miscellaneous and sewage are abandoned, China pigs can basically can make delicious food to eat, DuSi soup, stir kidneys, groping and spiced boiled fire is very distinctive, Veterinary Medicine so the people is to do the pork incisively and vividly, that is sold in China of the pig all basic can be converted into meat products.

Huge consumer market, industry competition is intense, domestic didn't actually have a complete pig value theory system, a place or the mass breeding enterprise on breeding farmers even have very big difference. Cash-rich companies can learn from Europe or the us mode of breeding, in combination with the conditions of domestic, forming a set of complete and scientific system of farming, Veterinary Medicine and small farmers, the basic or rely on the past experience for farming.

Any industry has never been the small and medium-sized enterprises in promoting, similar to the Chinese current Internet companies, though tens of thousands of walking in the forefront of big companies like tencent, baidu. But the pig is a special industry, Veterinary Medicine resource integration slower, Winchester also can only do it in the south gathered a large number of small retail investors to join his camp, but this one area of small retail investors to join, let its perennial in the pig industry leader status.

Many experts said that China's pig industry the present market situation is big business accounts for far less than small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises and too much dependence on resources and the management pattern of the west, so there have been individual period as long as there is a piece of Europe and the United States face, each big pig on the BBS in China can get high attention. Now, is not, Veterinary Medicine now everyone began to pay attention to the overseas introduction how to localize breeding, so that the pig with rich bigger capital began to grope for domestic own pig model.