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Treatment Countermeasures Of Three Abnormal Phenomenon In Air - Empty Capsule Compound Process
Jun 30, 2017

Treatment Countermeasures of Three Abnormal Phenomenon in Air - Empty Capsule Compound Process
 Flexible packaging solvent-free composite process abnormal phenomenon, usually due to paper, film, ink, adhesives, machinery and equipment and other objective factors such as temperature, pressure, speed, glue, customer use and other subjective factors. According to our company single component FC-7146 and two-component FC-7201 / CK7302 adhesive in the composite process in the practical application of the situation summarized several common anomalies and treatment methods. Hope for the use of solvent-free composite process manufacturers to bring some technical reference.
One, empty Empty Capsule out of the phenomenon
The essence of the empty Empty Capsule compound is made of adhesive as the intermediate medium. On the roller of the laminating machine, under the external force of heating and pressing, the non-polar polymer film and the ink layer of the paper fiber and plastic Wetting, infiltration, oxidative conjunctiva drying, resulting in an effective adsorption force, so that empty Empty Capsule firmly bonded.
The detachment of the empty Empty Capsule is mainly due to the lack of peel strength of the composite membrane, the dryness of the adhesive, the release of the paper and the adhesive layer above the plastic film. This phenomenon is easy in the printing area is relatively large and large field products appear. Due to thicker surface layer of ink, glue is difficult to wet, spread, penetration.
1, the main reason
There are many factors that affect the detachment of empty Empty Capsules, the smoothness of paper, uniformity, water content, the performance of plastic film, the thickness of the ink layer, the amount of auxiliary materials, empty Empty Capsule when the temperature and pressure, the production environment Health conditions and temperature, relative humidity and so on will empty Empty Capsule compound the final results have a certain impact.
2, treatment methods
(1) The ink layer of the ink is too thick, causing the adhesive to penetrate and diffuse, so that the empty Empty Capsule is disengaged. The method is to increase the coating amount of the adhesive and to increase the pressure.
(2) When the ink layer is dry or not dried, the residual solvent in the ink layer weakens the adhesive force to form the empty Empty Capsule. Treatment method is to wait for the product ink, and then composite.
(3) the surface of the printed matter of the powder will also hinder the adhesion of paper and plastic film to form empty Empty Capsule detachment. The method is to use the mechanical and manual way to erase the surface of the printed matter after the complex.
(4) the operation process is not standardized, the pressure is too small, faster machine speed, resulting in empty Empty Capsule from. Treatment is strictly in accordance with the specifications of the operation, the appropriate increase in film pressure, reduce the speed.
(5) Adhesive is absorbed by paper and printing ink, and the empty Empty Capsule is released due to insufficient coating amount. The adhesive should be re-formulated and the amount of glue to be determined according to the manufacturer's requirements.
(6) plastic film surface corona treatment is not enough or more than the use of the treatment surface failure caused by empty Empty Capsule detachment. The film should be corona or film plastic film corona or plastic film.
(7) When using one-component adhesive, due to lack of air humidity caused by empty Empty Capsule detachment, should be based on single-component adhesive processing process humidity requirements, artificial humidification.
(8) to ensure that the adhesive in the shelf life, and according to the manufacturer requirements and custody and use, such as two-component automatic mixing machine in good condition to ensure the accuracy of the ratio, uniform and full.
Second, the phenomenon of aluminum transfer
Empty Empty Capsule has both the characteristics of plastic film, but also to some extent replace the aluminum foil, play a role in improving product quality, and relatively low cost. However, in the production process, often the occurrence of empty Empty Capsule transfer problems, resulting in reduced peel strength of the composite membrane, so that product performance degradation, serious and even affect the quality of packaging content.
The origin of the aluminum transfer is that the binding force between the empty Empty Capsule and the substrate is smaller than that of the empty Empty Capsule and the glue layer, resulting in a decrease in the overall peel strength of the composite film, resulting in a large number of empty Empty Capsules moving away from the substrate and migrating to the glue layer The

At present, most of the empty Empty Capsules are VMCPP and VMPET. The corresponding composite membrane structures are OPP / VMCPP, PET / VMCPP, PET / VMPET and so on. Among the practical applications, the most vulnerable is PET composite VMPET, because it is often used in the middle compound. This is because the aluminum substrate, CPP and PET in the tensile properties are very different, PET rigidity is large, once the same with the same rigidity of the material composite, in the adhesive curing process, due to The presence of cohesion, it is easy to cause damage to the adhesion of empty Empty Capsules, so that empty Empty Capsule migration.