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The Use Of Veterinary Medicine Tablets
Jun 14, 2017

The use of Veterinary Medicine Tablets

In intensive farming, in order to pursue animal higher and faster growth performance, the amount of fat in the feed is getting higher and higher, due to the body's own animal tablets and pancreatic lipase secretion is insufficient, resulting in low fat utilization. At the same time, fat into the intestinal tract after the use of harmful bacteria can cause diarrhea, diarrhea and other intestinal diseases. Feed grade Veterinary Medicine Tablets can increase the body's digestion and absorption of fat, thereby reducing the metabolic energy of feed, saving costs; improve livestock and poultry production performance, reduce the ratio of meat and meat; improve feed quality, stable feed quality. At the same time can also smooth bile, play the role of liver protection.

Veterinary tablet is the main active ingredient of bile, which is a series of steroids produced in the process of cholesterol metabolism in animals, with multiple biological activity. In the use of fat, the Veterinary Medicine Tablets in the fat emulsion, digestion and absorption of three stages play a role.

Emulsification stage: as a parent molecule, animal tablets can form emulsified fat particles with fat;

Digestion stage: animal pills and lipase combination, the lipase structure changes, activation of lipase;

Absorption stage: the accumulation of fat tablets and fatty acids for the formation of micro-groups, carrying fatty acids to the surface of the intestinal villi, and then micro-group rupture, fatty acid membrane absorption, Veterinary Medicine Tablets into the liver and intestinal circulation.

In the liver and gut circulation, the veterinary drug tablets in the emulsification of fat at the same time, you can activate the activity of lipase for fat hydrolysis, and then with the formation of chyme particles such as fatty acids, so that fatty acids can be absorbed through the membrane to promote the efficient digestion and absorption of fat. In addition, the return to the liver of the Veterinary Medicine Tablets can stimulate the secretion of bile, smooth bile, eliminate mycotoxins, bacterial endotoxin and other harmful substances, which play the role of liver protection.

1, the current characteristics of livestock and poultry diet is a high-energy high-fat, the second is to add a large number of unconventional raw materials, livestock and poultry body organs, especially the liver to bring a serious burden, so that the normal function of the liver affected.

2, young animals due to the liver function is not perfect, the use of fat is limited, adding Veterinary Medicine Tablets can improve its digestion and absorption capacity, while dynamically assisting the recovery and improvement of liver function, improve the body's health, to achieve the purpose of effective use of energy;

3, the elimination of antibiotics and non-conventional raw materials used to produce toxins, heavy metals and mycotoxins. Reduce liver burden, protect liver and gallbladder health.

4, for fish, improve the fat is the key to high yield, but the fat utilization rate is not high, and because of fat-induced hepatomegaly, gallbladder enlargement, fatty liver and other diseases, add Veterinary Medicine Tablets can prevent and treat liver and gallbladder disease, improve feed energy Utilization, improve fish health, shorten the time to develop.