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The Role Of Ampoules In Culture
Jul 18, 2017

The role of Ampoules in culture

Ampoules are a group of low molecular organic compounds that are essential for normal metabolism and physiological function and require very little. Ampoules is neither power material, nor the animal body composition of various tissues and organs, which primarily in the form of coenzyme (or prosthetic groups) to participate in a variety of chemical reactions of metabolism in the body, is used to control and regulate metabolism, is active substances necessary for life, it is also necessary ingredient of livestock and poultry feed.

1. The effect of Ampoules additives

1. Promote animal growth and improve feed reward

Under intensive feeding conditions, the production level of animals is obviously improved, which is easy to cause the lack of Ampoules. Ampoules additives can improve the nutritive and utilization rate of feed, promote the growth and development of young animals, and greatly improve feed reward. A variety of Ampoules are added in chicken feed to increase the meat ratio. When the young animals lack Ampoules A, growth stuns, emaciation, diarrhea, and even death. Lack of Ampoules D is easy to develop rickets and chondrosis, tooth development is not complete, growth stasis. Lack of Ampoules B1, pantothenic acid, nicotinic acid, Ampoules B6, and Ampoules B12 have all contributed to the loss of appetite, indigestion and stagnation of livestock and poultry, especially the young animals.

2. Improve the breeding performance of breeding stock

After the lack of Ampoules A, the fertility rate decreased, which was prone to difficult childbirth, miscarriage and freaks. Lack of Ampoules E, reproductive failure of livestock, decreased sperm count, testicular degeneration, maternal infertility or miscarriage. Species of hen without Ampoules E are susceptible to embryo death during incubation. The eggs contain enough ampulla to increase the incubation rate. The mother pig lacks the Ampoules B2, choline, panic acid, the fertility decrease, the lack of Ampoules B2 also causes premature birth, embryo death and so on. The egg rate and incubation rate were decreased in the absence of ampule B2, B6, B12, niacin and pantothenic acid.

Strengthen resistance

In livestock and poultry physiological tension, transport, cold or hot stress, keeping the high density conditions, feed in the appropriate adding Ampoules and Ampoules E C, is beneficial to alleviate the adverse effects caused by various stress on livestock and poultry. When spirosis, salmonella and colds are occurring, appropriate addition of Ampoules C can improve the status of animal and poultry and improve the ability to resist stress. In the case of heat stress or other stress, the requirement of poultry for Ampoules increased, and the addition of Ampoules C had better anti-stress effect. Ampoules also plays an important role in maintaining the normal immune function of poultry, and the proper supplement of Ampoules E in daily food can improve the immunity of animal and poultry and stimulate phagocytosis and improve the ability of disease resistance.

4. Improve the quality of livestock and poultry products

There is a lack of Ampoules D in the diet, egg chicken is easy to produce soft-shell eggs, thin shell eggs, and reduce the value of the products. The quality of meat in storage is also affected by the content of Ampoules. Increase the content of Ampoules E in daily food can prevent the oxidation of frozen or fresh meat fat and improve the storage quality. The addition of Ampoules E in daily food has a stabilizing effect on carcass meat and fat taste.

Two, the use of Ampoules additives for the attention matters

1. Correctly grasp the requirements of the animal and poultry

Different kinds of animals and birds are different to different kinds of Ampoules. In addition, the health condition of livestock and poultry and the stimulation of various environmental factors can affect the demand of the animal and the ampule. In the case of stress, the demand for certain Ampoules will be increased. Take the chicken as an example, the dosage of Ampoules A, D and C should be added before and after the peak of the hen. All kinds of Ampoules supplements are important in vaccination, coccidiosis and respiratory diseases.

In high temperature season, it is necessary to increase the dosage of fat soluble Ampoules and B Ampoules, especially the addition of Ampoules C.

2. Select the appropriate Ampoules preparation

Different Ampoules preparation products have different dosage form, quality, potency price and price, and pay special attention and distinction when choosing products. For Ampoules monomers, choose more stable preparations and dosage forms; For composite multi-dimensional products, because of the cost of the test, it is difficult to detect the Ampoules each monomer content before use, so should choose when the choice has the product quality and good reputation. At the same time, we should pay attention to the factory date of the product, and the products from the factory in the near term are good.

3. Pay attention to the physical and chemical properties of the Ampoules and prevent the compatibility of taboos

When using Ampoules additives, we should pay attention to the physical and chemical properties of various Ampoules, attach importance to the collocation of feed ingredients, and prevent the antagonism between the ingredients of each feed, such as anti-coccidiasis and Ampoules B1; Organic acid anti-mildew agent and multiple Ampoules; Choline chloride and other Ampoules should be avoided. Choline chloride has strong hygroscopicity, especially with trace element iron, copper and manganese, it will greatly affect the physiological potency of Ampoules. Therefore, in the production of Ampoules premix, such as chlorinated choline must be separately.