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The Quality Of Empty Capsule And The Problem Of Excessive Heavy Metals
Aug 18, 2017

The quality of Empty Capsule and the problem of excessive heavy metals
      Empty Capsule quality and heavy metal problems, it is understood that Empty Capsule as a very special medicinal products, its quality and safety is directly related to the quality and safety of drugs. Not only in developed countries, even in many African countries, pharmaceutical companies are concerned about the safety, type and toxicity of excipients. They will ask suppliers to provide information on what raw materials are used, whether they are toxic, safe, etc. Adverse effects on the product.
       The determination of residual metals in the drug has been used as an important indicator of the quality of drugs. With the deepening of elemental research, in the field of pharmaceuticals, from the original heavy metal detection of the refinement of the current more and more single elements of quality control. Detection of the type of increase in the test method is also progressing. Capsules with gelatin and gelatin Empty Capsule as a special medicinal accessories, in which heavy metals exceeded the standard has also been more and more attention.
 Due to limited sources, the quality of Empty Capsule is not guaranteed, there are illegal business use of industrial leather processing scrap, or recycled non-leather processed into food or medicinal gelatin to support the traditional animal-derived Empty Capsule may exist heavy metal , High water content, high cholesterol levels and lead to animal health risks such as infectious diseases.
     The Empty Capsule is managed according to the medicinal auxiliary material, which carries the contents, acts as a carrier, improves the stability and the release of the medicament, and generally has no therapeutic active ingredient. In order to meet the production, powder filling and the use of the need, Empty Capsule production process will add antibacterial agents, colorants, opacifiers and plasticizers. We believe that the above ingredients and the amount of added amount should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the national food and drug, and should be used as little as possible. Which the amount of pigment is generally not more than 0.5%.
  Although the "poison capsule" event on the Empty Capsule market has a bad effect, but look at the global development of Empty Capsule market, as long as the focus on product safety, improve product quality, strict supply of raw materials, strengthen the production process control, to ensure that the Empty Capsule Quality, strict control of Empty Capsule heavy metal problems, speed up the development of new products, promote the application of new technologies, will be able to have a good development.
    China is Empty Capsule production of large countries, the annual output of about 100 billion, accounting for 30% of world production, and the vast majority of domestic sales. China's Empty Capsule to be strong, into the international market, especially in developed countries, Empty Capsule manufacturers need to pay more attention to the quality and safety of Empty Capsule, and heavy metal problems. At present there are more than 120 domestic manufacturers of capsules, a total of more than 300 automatic production lines, each production line with an annual capacity of about 300 million to 400 million, if all started production, then the number of Empty Capsule produced each year and the National Pharmaceutical 100 billion grain demand roughly equal.
 In recent years, we have become more and more concerned about the quality of Empty Capsule and the problems of heavy metals. With the spread of mad cow disease and foot and mouth disease in Europe and the change of consumers' minds, the people of the world began to question the safety of animal products. As a result of the "poison capsule" incident, the majority of the masses of the people for the capsule drugs have a serious crisis of confidence, a serious impediment to the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry.