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The Main Factor That Causes The Deterioration Of Veterinary Medicine Tablets
Jul 18, 2017

The main factor that causes the deterioration of Veterinary Medicine Tablets


The chemical nature of oxygen in the air is very lively, which can oxidize, metamorphosis and even produce toxicity, such as oxidation of oil and acid. After oxidation, the color becomes more toxic. Carbon dioxide in the air can "carbonize" certain drugs, such as sodium and barbiturates, as sulfonamides. In the presence of moisture, bleaching powder can absorb carbon dioxide and slowly release chlorine gas and reduce its effectiveness.


Sunlight can make many veterinary medicine slice directly or promote its chemical changes (oxidation, reduction, decomposition, aggregation, etc.) and metamorphism, mainly the effect of ultraviolet light, such as adrenaline affected by light gradient red; Silver salt and mercury salt see light can be reduced and precipitation free silver and mercury, color becomes deeper, toxicity increases.


Higher temperature not only can make the volatilization of veterinary medicine slice faster, more major is to promote chemical reactions such as oxidation, decomposition and accelerate the veterinary drug metamorphism, such as serum, vaccines, viscera preparation stored at room temperature is easy to invalidation, need low temperature cold storage; Higher temperature also easy to soften ointment, capsule, volatile medicine volatile speed. But the temperature is too low will make some veterinary medicine or preparation, precipitation such as the production of formaldehyde under 90 ℃ and precipitation polymerization formaldehyde white precipitate; The low temperature also allows liquid drugs to freeze, causing the container to break.


Is called humidity. Water vapor in the air humidity is the most variable part of the air, fluctuates according to the region, season, the temperature of different. Humidity had a great influence on veterinary care. Humidity is too big, can make the veterinary medicine slice of moisture absorption and deliquescence, dilution, deformation, mildew; The humidity is too small, easy to contain crystallization of the Veterinary Medicine Tablets weathering.

[microbes and insects]

In the air of veterinary tablets, the bacteria and insects invade, and the veterinary tablets are corrupted, fermented, mildew and worm-eaten.


Any veterinary drug storage time is too long, all goes bad, just different veterinary medicine tablet change speed of different antibiotics, biological products, viscera preparation stipulated the period of validity, as well as some chemical veterinary medicine slice must be used within the period of validity.

General methods of veterinary drug storage

Airtight is the closure of the container, which prevents the mixing of dust and foreign objects, such as glass bottles, paper bags, etc.

Seal refers to the sealing of the container to prevent weathering, moisture absorption, volatilization or foreign body pollution, such as glass bottles and ointment tubes with tight glass plugs or wooden plugs.

Seal or strict seal means to seal the container or seal it properly, preventing air, water invasion and bacterial contamination such as glass ampoule.

A sunshade container is a brown container or a colorless glass container and other suitable containers wrapped in black paper.

To the rules of the temperature The shade, it is to point to no more than 20 ℃; The dark, cold refers to avoid light and no more than 20 ℃; Cool place, it is to point to 2 ℃ to 10 ℃.

Dry place for humidity, refers to the relative humidity below 75% of the ventilation, dry place

According to the nature and dosage form of Veterinary Medicine Tablets, and according to the specific situation of pharmacy, adopt the method of "partition classification, cargo number". Attention should be paid to the storage of veterinary tablets and human medicines. The external drug is stored separately from the internal medicine; Insecticidal, rat poison and internal medicine, away from storage; Drugs that are inconsistent in nature (such as strong oxidants and reductants, acids and bases) and names that are easily confused should be stored separately. Establishment of Veterinary Medicine Tablets custody account, regular inspection, regular inventory, ensure the accounts are consistent with veterinary tablets. Veterinary Medicine Tablets should be kept clean and hygienic, and effective measures should be taken to prevent mold, moth, and rat infestation. Strengthen fire prevention and other safety measures to ensure safety of personnel and veterinary tablets.