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The Key Point Of Research And Development Of Veterinary Medicine Tablets Is To Raise Items
Aug 31, 2017

The key point of research and development of Veterinary Medicine Tablets is to raise items
 In the long run, the Veterinary Medicine Tablets will have a tendency to gradually replace chemical veterinary products in certain areas due to their small damage to food safety and the unique efficacy of certain types of diseases, and will be widely used on green health breeding Prospects. The natural nature of the pills, no residue and no anti-animal tablets is a chemical Veterinary Medicine Tablets can not be compared, is the green healthy breeding must develop. From the number of declarations in recent years, the number of declarations of Veterinary Medicine Tablets has been significantly increased.
Then get a new animal beast tablets certificate is not equal to the development of a good commodity, we say not necessarily, on the majority of animal and animal pills company, how to project is the key, the election is essential to the direction. Do not blindly seek the number of new beast beast tablets, some new beast pills reported down directly after the "heavy sea", the latter did not conduct the mall; some in the clinical use of the role is not very significant in the mall on the natural no comparison Significant advantage, such a new beast beast tablets, from the author point of view, is a "spoil", did not play a new beast pills should have the value and meaning. The foundation of the question lies in the development of the preliminary project is not done, did not contact the company's own conditions, did not think about the needs of the aquaculture industry, but not from the Veterinary Medicine Tablets cost-effective elements to think, from a certain meaning is " Out of thin air "results.
Then we say how to project, how to choose the direction, I think it is necessary to think from the following directions.
First, the company's own product structure, what the existing goods, which areas and direction of demand adjustment, to strengthen.
Second, the current form of sales and guidelines, which is the principle of customers, choose what way to enter is the key to thinking.
Third, should be appropriate to the current form of farming, aquaculture forms of changes may cause animal beast pills format new changes from individual animals to the veterinary tablets to the collective to the veterinary tablets, from the treatment of animals with pills to prevent the use of veterinary tablets. And to prevent health care is actually the biggest advantage in the veterinary tablets, natural commodity development direction should be offset in this regard.
Fourth, the thinking of the regional culture of the specificity, professional, for the aquaculture add pest insects, disinfection of veterinary tablets, molting to promote the veterinary tablets of veterinary tablets produced; for special breeding is to add hemostatic tablets, Of the Veterinary Medicine Tablets produced; especially for the large-scale farming at the time, the situation prone to disease research and development of new immunity to enhance immunity and anti-bacterial agents.
Fifth, look at the direction of national animal husbandry development, such as the future of large animal breeding stocks are likely to continue to rise, then for cattle and sheep and other new pork tablets should not be stored.
Six, companion animal shopping malls are not negligent, followed by human dependence on the strengthening of pets, some of the more common in the human age disease will appear more in companion animals, such as arthritis, diabetes, etc. will be more common, in addition Human and companion animals, the depth of the deepening of the development of zoonotic Veterinary Medicine Tablets have to think and so on.
   The production level of the veterinary tablet preparation industry is not as high as that of other industries. Because of today's Veterinary Medicine Tablets preparations, there is no national norms, the lack of scientific qualitative and quantitative methods, Chinese herbal medicine molecular determination and purification skills, enrichment skills, ultra-fine powder skills and quality inspection skills lag, production quality control problems is difficult to deal with. Coupled with the production equipment behind, procedural, the degree of automation is not high, the production of skills parameters and parameters of the control can not reach the objective request. Therefore, the formation of today's Veterinary Medicine Tablets drug market Veterinary Medicine Tablets and many types of preparations, the quality is not stable, with a manufacturer of goods is not the same batch of quality between the batches is not stable, not the same manufacturers produced the same kind of quality difference Not only affect the Veterinary Medicine Tablets clinical use of the control effect, but also a serious impact on the animals with the Veterinary Medicine Tablets production and development of goods.