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The Characteristics And Application Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Nov 02, 2017

The Characteristics and Application of Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Pharmaceutical Intermediates is a natural concept of the material, its material and production process for the Judaism, Islam and Vegetarian Association recognized, to meet a variety of religious and eating habits of the crowd, accept a higher degree. In addition, Pharmaceutical Intermediates has the following unique properties: low water content - about 60% lower than gelatin hollow capsules, and gelatin hollow capsules typically have a water content of 12.5% -17.5%. The temperature and humidity of the environment should be controlled within a suitable range both in the production, transportation, use and preservation of the hollow capsule. The appropriate temperature of 15-25 ℃, relative humidity of 35% -65%, so that long-term to maintain product performance. Plant membrane contains very low water, usually 4% -5%, than the gelatin hollow capsule water content of about 60% lower. The exchange of water with the environment during long periods of storage will result in an increase in the moisture content of the Pharmaceutical Intermediates in the specified packaging, but no more than 9% in five years. The low water content makes the Pharmaceutical Intermediates suitable for the filling of hygroscopic or moisture-sensitive contents to extend the shelf life of the product.
High toughness, no fragile, gelatin film has a specified moisture content, if below this limit, gelatin film will be obvious fragile. The gelatin hollow capsules without any additives have a brittle risk of 10% or more when the moisture content is 10%. When the moisture content is continuously reduced to 5%, 100% of the fragile is present. In contrast, the pharmaceutical Intermediates have a much better toughness, and even if the ambient humidity is low, they also maintain good performance. Of course, the incidence of fragmentation in low concentrations of Pharmaceutical Intermediates varies widely.
On the contrary, gelatin hollow capsule placed in a high humidity environment, the capsule will become soft after the water, deformation, and even collapse. Pharmaceutical Intermediates maintain good morphology and performance even under high humidity conditions. Therefore, the pharmaceutical Intermediates are highly adaptable to the environment, and the advantages of the pharmaceutical Intermediates are particularly significant when the product sales area covers a wide range of climate zones or where the storage conditions are relatively poor.
Chemical stability, gelatin capsules of the cross-linking reaction is difficult to encounter capsule preparations. Since the aldehyde group of the contents reacts with the amino groups of the amino acids in the gelatin to form a network structure, the capsules are difficult to dissolve under the dissolution conditions in vitro, thus affecting the release of the drug. Hydroxypropylcellulose is a cellulose derivative that is chemically inert and has excellent compatibility with most substances, so there is no risk of cross-linking reactions and higher chemical stability
Good coating performance, enteric-coated capsules used in susceptible to gastric acid damage, irritation to the gastric mucosa or targeted drug delivery. Internationally popular enteric-coated capsules are enteric-coated pellets and capsules. HPMC Hollow Capsules show a unique advantage in the overall coating of capsules.
Studies have shown that the affinity of the pharmaceutical Intermediates is significantly higher than that of gelatin, and the rate and uniformity of the coating material is significantly better than that of gelatin, especially in the case of body cap joints Significantly improved. In vitro dissolution tests showed a lower permeability of the plant capsule after coating, and a good release in the intestine.
In summary, the characteristics of Pharmaceutical Intermediates make their applications continue to expand. From all-natural products to moisture-sensitive or hygroscopic content, there are also unique applications in dry powder inhalants and enteric coatings. It should be noted that the current domestic and international pharmaceutical Intermediates, its relatively high oxygen permeability, disintegration than gelatin hollow capsule slightly slower, but the body bioavailability is similar to the R & D should be considered.

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