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Seven Directions For The Future Development Of The Ampoules Industry
Jul 07, 2017

Seven directions for the future development of the Ampoules industry

1 ring economic belt layout

There has been a change in the pattern of the production of the product Ampoules, and the amount of farming in the traditional main producing areas has been decreasing and the scale has increased.

The total volume and scale of non-traditional major production areas have been greatly improved. More than half a million farming is produced in all regions of the country.

Future obvious ChanXiao District boundaries will continue to weaken, traditional, such as the northeast, hebei, shandong and henan grain supply ability and the radius will also continue to reduce, the traditional grain, the grain will be given priority to with the localization, will form a three ZhuXiao District beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta as the core of the economic belt farming layout, that is, where is ZhuXiao District, its surrounding is Ampoules concentration areas, whole eggs weathervane effect on circulation and price will be more obvious.

2 Ampouless south

Along with the development of the Ampoules localization, Ampoules south trend obviously, guangdong everywhere, peng chang, three days recently Yang, wide raw garden of the fresh, green enterprises have bigger action, money record industry in guangxi 5 million start of the project. The southern market is gradually meeting the needs of the southern market. The Ampoules is irreversible southward.

3 Ampouless west

Because of the large amount of land needed for Ampoules farming, the eastern coastal areas are relatively strict in the control of land, especially the strict conditions stipulated by the state for breeding enterprises. The Ampouless breeding enterprises in the eastern coastal areas are transferring to the less developed areas in the west. In recent years, the number of Ampouless in shanxi, Inner Mongolia, guizhou, yunnan and guangxi has risen faster than the eastern coast. So ampulla is happening in the west.

4 capital goes into the Ampoules industry

With the preparation of large breeding companies, we don't want the conditions.

The product Ampoules industry is experiencing a gradual injection of capital. The pinggu and cixi project of cp group, the hainan project of winswood group, the kaiping project of shengdi group and the tian dong project of the company. The cloud farming of deqing yuan, the green Yang project in gaozhou, the chicken supermarket project of yukou, the operation of large capital in every project, such as shanxi national youth culture group, etc. Chickens are moving from a rural sideline to an investment project for the wealthy.

Medium-sized chicken farms will become mainstream

Although there are more and more large scale ampelo enterprises, some traditional ampule farmers have accumulated a large amount of funds through the accumulation of capital and financing in recent years. And the Ampoules farmers has its unique advantages: young, motivated, experienced, and there is knowledge, can accept advanced technology concept, the aquaculture practitioners will emerge from a lot of chicken man, gradually expand the Ampoules on hand, 5 ~ 300000 or more. Therefore, the production mode of the moderate scale of this subregion in the traditional breeding area will become mainstream. The next 5 ~ 10 years the Ampoules breed living 5 ~ 500000 only chicken farm will become the main provider of future source of eggs, and Ampoules living below 3000 only small farm will gradually withdraw from the stage of history.

6. Mechanized farming will replace artificial culture and become the mainstream of breeding mode

With the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry, and the breeding equipment of various countries in the world entering our country in the last two years, the relative input of aquaculture equipment in the whole breeding process will be reduced continuously. The automation of the chicken coop will be widely available across the country. With the increase of labor cost and management cost, farmers are actively developing to moderate scale, standardization, automation and intelligent cultivation. "Human machine, machine raising chicken" will become more and more common. Future intelligence must become an industry choice.

The competition of the industrial chain is becoming more and more obvious

In recent years, mainly specializing in the production of chicken under the enterprise began to outspread, create own brand eggs, a number of ways to expand the brand eggs in the market, and some commodity Ampoules production enterprise with the expanding of the scale of production, also began to extend upwards, into the chicken industry. The Ampoules cloud farming model proposed by Beijing deqing yuan agricultural technology co., LTD. Is aimed at building the company and farmer model of Ampoules industry. At the same time, the closed loop mode of chicken and egg recycling is formed from the breeding of chicken and poultry. In the past, north agricultural group and Beijing weijia group, mainly for feed sales, have also stepped in to recycle the eggs, extending the service further. The competition of the future industry commodity Ampoules will be the competition of the whole industry chain with the group as the core.