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Scrap Foam Market Play
Dec 12, 2016

For many years, the recycling of scrap foam has been ignored in the country. According to statistics, at present its recovery is less than 1%, recycled plastics that can really supply market each year but millions of tons. When you waste plastics become the new darling of the market, domestic supply is stretched thin, a huge market has to hand over to the imported waste plastics. United States, and Japan, the EU and other regions of the waste plastic mass Chinese market. According to statistics, since the second half of last year, major general increase in customs of the imported waste plastics. Last year from Tianjin Port imported waste plastics from the EU has increased by 2.7 times. Since the beginning of May, due to problems in China stopped importing from Japan's waste plastic, but in all of Japan imported waste plastics has hundreds of thousands of tons annually. We will soon be on waste plastic of import licensing system. This means that the State will regulate the import of waste plastics.

Foam plastic raw material prices soared last year, accidentally pulling the other previously unnoticed market--waste recycled foam market. In the context of new materials rose sharply, scrap foam prices skyrocket. Less than a year's time, that is, average tons from the original price of 2000~3500 Yuan jumped to the present 4000~8000, soared by more than 50%, almost as much as the original new price. Therefore, the industry generally believe that 2005 will see even greater development of the waste plastics recycling industry, will become the plastics industry is the largest piece of cake this year, deserves much attention and investment.