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Remove All Disturbances Of Ampoules Peel Strength
Jun 30, 2017

Remove all disturbances of Ampoules peel strength
Ampoules peel strength is a major problem plagued the soft package, there are too many factors may have an impact on it. Once the peel strength changes, the final packaging quality will be a problem. This paper analyzes the factors that affect the peel strength from two aspects of production process and raw material.
First, the production process
1, the amount of plastic on the lack of
(1) ampule concentration is low. According to the structure and use of the product to determine the amount of glue required to deploy the appropriate Ampoules concentration.
(2) Ampoules in the scraper on the back, the bubble failed to eliminate in time. At both edges of the applicator roll, each piece of paper is bonded so that the Ampoules on the scraper delays the return time during the return to the tank and provides sufficient burst time for the Ampoules bubbles.
(3) coating roller is not timely cleaning, resulting in mesh blockage. Before the shutdown, with a solvent to clean the coating roller, and in the cleaning process, with bristles brush brush constantly; at the same time, according to the amount of glue on the continuous reduction (to develop a lower limit, such as 3 g / m2), below this The lower limit must be cleaned regularly.
(4) pressure roller hardness is low with a larger hardness of the pressure roller.
(5) the number of network cable and the amount of glue on the match. The amount of glue on the size of the line with the number of lines matched is one to one, so after determining the amount of glue, you must use matching network cable.
(6) the pressure is too large, so that the rubber roller around the deformation, resulting in insufficient amount of local glue. Properly control the pressure of the press roll to minimize the deformation of the coating roller.
(7) Ampoules for the viscous fluid, in the production process, the high speed, resulting in insufficient amount of local glue. Strictly control the line speed, not more than the required process line speed.
(8) ink layer is thick, in the composite process as Ampouless, in the ink layer when the ink consumption of a certain amount of adhesive, resulting in insufficient amount of glue. For the full version of the printing material, the amount of the glue is appropriately increased at the time of the compound, and the amount of the curing agent is increased.
2, drying temperature
(1) drying temperature is low, wind speed / air volume is insufficient, resulting in volumetric volatilization is not complete. According to the ladder temperature to improve the drying temperature, in conditions permitting, as far as possible the third stage of the temperature rise a little higher, increase the wind speed / air volume.
(2) drying temperature is too high, resulting in conjunctival phenomenon. Control the effective drying temperature.
(3) in the printing drying effect is poor. Particularly, when the composite color is printed, the affinity between the inks is poor due to the poor drying effect, resulting in a low peel strength.
3, the Department of complex
(1) the composite temperature is low
After drying through the oven, the Ampoules loses its flow performance, but there are some peristaltic properties in the interior and increases with the increase of temperature, which improves the composite strength of the composites. Therefore, the effect of temperature on the composite can not be neglected and the effective compound temperature is ensured.
(2) compound pressure is insufficient

After drying through the oven, the Ampoules loses its flow properties, but there are some peristaltic properties in the interior. This performance increases with increasing pressure and facilitates secondary slippage and reduces minor defects. Therefore, the pressure must be large enough.
(3) compound angle is too large
Angle is too large can be imagined in the composite process, the contact surface with the air increased, it is possible to bring a certain amount of air, thus affecting the composite quality, especially in the air vapor, into the air After the reaction with the curing agent in the Ampoules, resulting in incomplete curing and bubble generation. Therefore, the composite angle should not be too large.
4, the ambient humidity is high
The humidity in the environment is high, the quality problems brought about in the composite are many, such as the coating roller in the coating process, the Ampoules of ethyl acetate will continue to volatilize, ethyl acetate volatilization will take away some Heat, resulting in local cooling, so that a large number of water vapor condensation in the air on the paint stick, back to the glue tank, water and glue in the curing agent to form a curing agent deficiency phenomenon.
Second, raw materials
1, film material
(1) low surface tension, not meet the standard requirements. In the composite process to do corona treatment, the film surface oxidation, from non-polar to polar, increase the surface roughness, improve the surface tension, so that the adhesive wettability is improved.
(2) the Ampoules's aluminum effect is poor and is transferred during the production process. Development of aluminum strength standards, enhanced aluminum strength test. Selection of well-known enterprises of the product.
(3) placed too long, the film in the auxiliary agent precipitation before the surface cleaning.
(4) placed too long, the film surface aging in a timely manner, shorten the placement time.