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Proper Use Of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material
Jul 28, 2017

Proper use of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material
The Pharmaceutical Packaging Material begins with the selection of suitable packaging materials and packaging methods. Medicinal packaging packaging in addition to sterilization methods, but also take into account the sterilization items. This people have done a lot of research, Cangzhou pharmaceutical packaging and the market can also see a variety of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material.
Knowing the sterilization method and packaging requirements can help disinfect the supply center staff to make the right decisions when choosing packaging materials. Drug packaging is usually disinfected Supply center personnel are faced with the situation, medicinal plastic bottles of various packaging materials have been used in the workplace. However, it is precisely because there is no one packaging material for all the sterilization methods, so the specific use of the time there is still a choice of the process.
In the field of disinfection and sterilization, the purpose of packaging is mainly the following four points:
The drug packaging material must allow effective penetration of the selected sterilant and match the other aspects of the selected sterilization method, such as drying.
The drug packaging material must ensure that the contents contain the aseptic until the sterile coating is opened.
The drug packaging material should facilitate the user to open the aseptic package when the sterile operation, and can not therefore contaminate the containing items.
The advantages of a lot of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material, hardness, light weight, sealing performance is better, health, moisture effect is good, you can not clean, drying and other processes directly used to packaging drugs, is a very useful drug packaging containers. The main application of the object is oral liquid medicine and oral solid pharmaceutical packaging. Medicinal plastic bottles and traditional plastic hollow packaging products compared to a unique performance characteristics, mainly in the following points:
Capacity. Under normal circumstances the size of medicinal plastic bottles is relatively small, mainly because of the special performance of drugs and pharmaceutical packaging, generally only from a few milliliters to a thousand milliliters, the commonly used volume is 15 ml to 200 ml, Most of the shapes are round.
Pharmaceutical Packaging Material are not only widely used for packaging carbonated beverages, drinking water, fruit juice and tea drinks, is the largest beverage package used today and is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical packaging, and many other areas. Plastic bottles in the field of packaging widely used, packaging coils, and beer bottles, PET plastic use. However, when the material was rejected, the face of how to deal with the problem of China's production of PET bottles tens of billions only one year, is expected by 2015, every year there will be more than 500,000 tons of pets used in the manufacture of PET plastic bottles. Can be used as a new type of raw material resources to alleviate the lack of contradictory pets in China's raw materials. China has made great achievements in the economic field, but also brought the Chinese environment is very serious damage. Water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution. Bringing the shrinking of China's economy. People are gradually aware of the problem, the corresponding proposed sustainable development strategy of green GDP road, circular economy strategy, and so a series of measures. This shows that the recovery of PET bottles in China is facing real problems for environmental protection and resource protection, sustainable development has a great profit.
Pharmaceutical Packaging Material with its superior performance, relatively low cost and adaptive environmental protection, and other packaging materials (glass, tin, PE, PVC, etc.) bottle competition has been rapid development, but its poor heat resistance, Resistance, limiting his enthusiasm in the hot filling and application requirements, people and attach great importance. Improve and improve its performance in the process, polyester packaging has been a new development. First, to improve the heat resistance, can not be used for ordinary PET bottles of fruit juice, hot tea packaging and other items, through the research and development of three practical heat-resistant polyester bottles: heat-setting bottles, can reach 85 ℃ filling Claim. Medicinal plastic bottles high heat resistance common injection blowing equipment can meet the requirements of more than 80 ℃ hot filling bottles, if the heat setting and hot filling temperature can reach more than 90 ℃, and heat-resistant multi-layer composite aroma Esters such as bottles, in order to improve heat resistance. Improve resistance. Although the gas protection performance is much higher than that of polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene plastic, however, for a fresh product, such as beer, wine and perfume taste more stringent products still can not meet the requirements.