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Poultry Ampoules Use And Precautions
Oct 11, 2017

 The use of Ampoules for immunization is one of the key measures to combat poultry infectious diseases. Ampoules have been developing and producing very much for a long time, and poultry Ampoules has made significant progress in terms of quality and quantity. In recent years, with the rapid development of the poultry industry, Ampoules has been used very frequently, but many farmers have often problems with Ampoules buying, transporting, preserving and using, and have led to immune failure, resulting in huge economic losses. Veterinary drug experts on the use of poultry Ampoules and precautions to talk about some of the views of the hope that the majority of farmers have some help:
Ampoules Precautions before use:
First find experienced professional and technical personnel to their own farms to develop a scientific and reasonable immunization program, and pay attention to the local epidemic situation, the four seasons change yearly flexible changes in the immune program.
⒈ purchase to be done:
(1) the type and quantity of the corresponding live or inactivated vaccine purchased according to the pre-established immunization program "counter". Carefully calculate the number of Ampoules required to buy the number of bottles (the actual purchase amount is slightly more than the number of theories, with particular attention to the name of the bottle label Ampoules, feathers, do not make mistakes).
⑵ to the regular, there are better Ampoules preservation conditions (especially the phenomenon of no power outages) and the relevant professional and technical knowledge of the staff to buy, pay special attention not to see the clinic to buy, so as to avoid human transmission of infectious diseases (animal The hospital should be strictly separated from the clinic and Ampoules sales), and pay attention to disinfection work (back to the farm after the first change clothes, especially to do the hand and shoes disinfection).
⑶ pay attention to the validity period, do not buy the adjacent expiration of the Ampoules.
⒉ transport: must pay attention to cold storage, to avoid sun exposure sun. Can be packed in black plastic bags, freeze-dried Ampoules to be transported in the ice, the best summer with a thermos bottle delivery.
⒊ temporary preservation: the user to buy frozen after the Ampoules if not immediately available, can be stored at low temperature (short time can be 2 ~ 8 ℃ temporary refrigeration; a long time to be frozen); oil emulsion inactivated seedlings generally kept at room temperature It is forbidden to freeze.
Ampoules Considerations in the use of the process:
⒈ to use Ampoules correctly:
⑴ strictly in accordance with the provisions of the immunization program inoculation; equipment to clean, disinfection.
⑵ freeze-dried Ampoules dilution: ① best use Ampoules special dilution; ② accurate calculation of dilution factor; ③ is used against, diluted as soon as possible after use, the time should not be too long.
⑶ oil emulsion inactivation Ampoules with: ① to restore room temperature; ② full shake; ③ serious proof of continuous syringe scale (can be played 10 times, with glass needle tube calibration).
(4) the use of methods to be appropriate, such as injection, thorns to be accurate parts of the nose; eye drops, eye drops, when the mouth of the different operators holding the drooping posture to be consistent; dripping nose tube do not touch the nose; The water consumption of the chicken is as uniform as possible (it is recommended that Ampoules be divided into two parts, twice a day for two to four hours), and water is hard to add water or add water to Ampoules Agent.
⒉ use live Ampoules before and after (such as the nose or eye before and after 1 day, 2 days before and after drinking water), do not use chemical disinfectant disinfection.
⒊ use live Ampoules before and after (usually 1 day after 5 days can be) the best in the feed or drinking water to add drugs to enhance immunity (such as Astragalus polysaccharides, levamisole, sodium selenite, etc.), and should not use the drug to suppress immunity (Such as dexamethasone; chloramphenicol, sulfonamides, erythromycin and other antibiotics; virus Ling, ribavirin and other antiviral drugs).
Ampoules after use Note:
Many farmers often mistakenly believe that Ampoules can prevent some kind of infectious disease after use, and do not know that Ampoules produce strong protective power to take some time (usually live Ampoules takes 5 to 7 days; inactivation Ampoules takes 10 ~ 14 Days), and Ampoules stimulate the strength of the poultry body immunity caused by a variety of factors. Ampoules after use to achieve the desired effect must be done:
1. To ensure full price nutrition, especially protein, vitamins, trace elements, etc., to promote the body to produce enough antibodies (antibody composition for the protein);
2. Strengthen the feeding and management, reduce the various stress factors, enhance the body's resistance;
3. To strengthen the care, reduce the chance of adverse reactions. Once the adverse reactions, must be resolved in time, symptomatic treatment, so as to avoid the overall resistance of the body to reduce the impact of immune effects.