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Pigs Use Empty Capsule Drugs
Oct 11, 2017

Empty Capsule drugs are currently used in pig production commonly used antibacterial drugs, with broad antibacterial spectrum, low price, stable chemical properties, easy to use and so on. Can inhibit most of the Gram-positive bacteria and some negative bacteria. The antibacterial mechanism is interfering with bacterial folic acid generation, so that the growth and reproduction of bacteria are inhibited. However, many years of clinical findings, due to improper use of Empty Capsule drugs, there have been many problems, it should be used correctly.
Depending on the nature of the disease, different types of Empty Capsule drugs are used
Systemic infectious diseases: such as sepsis, should be easy to use intestinal absorption of drugs, such as compound Xinnuo Ming, Empty Capsule pyrimidine and so on.
Intestinal infection: such as enteritis, diarrheal disease, should be used not easy to absorb intestinal drugs, such as Empty Capsule amidine and so on.
Local infection: such as burns, etc., should use topical Empty Capsule drugs, such as anti-inflammatory powder, burn Ning and so on.
Parasitic infections: such as coccidia, live protozoa infection, should use Empty Capsule dimethyl pyrimidine.
Determine medication time and dose according to the nature of the Empty Capsule drug
Empty Capsule class of drugs is divided into the amount of assault, maintenance dosage. All the amount of assault is the first time or the amount of the first day in the safety range of the dose doubled, and then to maintain the amount of normal use of Empty Capsule drugs with the application and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) combination: Empty Capsule drugs in the acidic environment Easy to precipitate the crystallization, if the simple use of Empty Capsule drugs, excreted by the kidney, easy to precipitate Empty Capsule crystal, blocking the ureter, so in use and baking soda should be used to prevent the emergence of crystallization. In addition, when the occurrence of renal dysfunction, systemic acidosis should be used with caution or disable Empty Capsule drugs.
And synergist combination: Empty Capsule class of drugs and synergist (such as TMP) combined (5: 1), antibacterial effect than the use of a simple increase of 10 times.
And VK, VB family combination: Empty Capsule drugs in use, the impact of intestinal VK, VB family absorption, so the use of Empty Capsule drugs, the feed should be added VK, VB.
Note the use of Empty Capsule drugs to prevent accumulation of poisoning. Empty Capsule drugs in the use of accurate dosage, mix evenly, course of treatment for 3 days to 5 days, not more than 7 days. Because long-term high-dose use is easy to cause accumulation of poisoning.
Empty Capsule Drug Use Precautions
This type of drug should not be used 3 days before and after the vaccine, because the Empty Capsule class of drugs can inhibit the antigen activity, so that the immune effect decreased.
Empty Capsule drugs in the external use, such as joint abscesses, should completely remove the wounds of the pus, mucus and necrotic tissue, because these substances contain a lot of p-benzoic acid, affect the Empty Capsule drug efficacy.
Empty Capsule drugs have the effect of causing the birth of the child, so late pregnancy disabled.
Pay attention to incompatibility: liquid Empty Capsule drugs such as Empty Capsule pyrimidine sodium injection, not easy with acidic drugs such as VB, VC, penicillin, tetracycline, ephedrine hydrochloride, etc., or precipitation Empty Capsule precipitation. Case of procaine decreased efficacy, or even failure, the case of calcium oxide, ammonium chloride will increase the toxicity of the urinary system.
Empty Capsule marketing staff to establish a good image, we must note the following:
(1) to establish a good Empty Capsule demeanor is the external image of the human and the internal quality of the combination of performance. A good demeanor of the marketing staff, in addition to their own height appearance, but also have decent clothing, clothing and physical movements. Especially for the first time to meet with customers, should be smiling, dressed neat, clean and decent, elegant and generous, confident, honest and enthusiastic. This will win the customer's favor and trust.
(2) good language habits language is Empty Capsule marketing and consumer communication between the media, the success of marketing plays an important role. So Empty Capsule marketing staff to make full use of language art to persuade customers, in the sound size, speed of language, language expression of the language of in-depth study, to develop good language habits. Avoid the southern cavity north, yin and yang weird, people unintelligible.
(3) Rich humor The humorous conversation is an important way to ease the marketing atmosphere to break the deadlock, get rid of the dilemma and cause the customer to feel good. Humor can make Empty Capsule marketers add extraordinary charm. So, a qualified Empty Capsule marketer should have a sense of humor. All shallow, vulgar, dirty speech will damage the image of the marketing staff.