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Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Industry Should Strengthen Technological Innovation
Aug 09, 2017

Pharmaceutical Packaging Material industry should strengthen technological innovation
Pharmaceutical Packaging Material because it is light, durable, strong, good barrier, easy molding, low cost and a series of advantages and is widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry has a very strong competitiveness. But the current Pharmaceutical Packaging Material industry, the overall level of technology is not high, far behind the developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging in developed countries accounted for 30% of the value of drugs, while China is less than 10%. The next five years is still the rapid development of China's pharmaceutical industry a critical period, there are tempting huge business opportunities. In the international market, many factors of commodity competition, commodity quality, price, packaging design is the three main factors. So we must seize this development of the good times, the courage to innovate, unconventional, so that the product has a novel, bizarre, full of modern consciousness. Whether to develop and produce a competitive product, is the key to the survival and development of enterprises. And the birth of a competitive product, first from the product optimization design began. Drug packaging materials should have a convenient function, the packaging of drug packaging design to consider the opening easy, and can open and close many times, dumping the contents to be convenient. Can not produce sputtering wounding phenomenon. Design products, you can add other features in the seal: such as security, anti-theft, anti-clogging, spray and so on.
30 years of reform and opening up, the development of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material have also experienced the development of these 30 years change, and now the Pharmaceutical Packaging Material has become a symbol of innovation and development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry, there have been new materials, Pharmaceutical Packaging Material successfully listed. According to the latest survey of the relevant departments, the global demand for packaging packaging materials steadily, which strong growth of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material. The survey shows that global demand for packaging of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material will increase at an annual rate of 4.3%. Among them, China's pharmaceutical packaging packaging growth rate topped the list due to the expansion of drug production capacity and the government's ongoing program aimed at improving the quality of domestic medicine. While the United States is still the largest consumer, because it introduced a lot of special storage conditions require high-tech products. Drug packaging materials are mainly used medicinal composite packaging materials. The material structure is: paper / plastic, plastic / aluminum plastic, paper / aluminum foil / plastic and plastic / aluminum foil / plastic and other forms, the barrier performance in turn. Which plastic material itself is divided PE, CPP, BOPE, BOPET, BOPA and so on. The current commercial plastic bottles for high-density polyethylene plastic products, which itself has a large breathable, moisture and light transmission, so the bottle of drugs and the outside world can not be with the air, moisture and light, heat completely isolated, So that the drug is susceptible to these factors and gradually broken down or corruption.
The Pharmaceutical Packaging Material, the performance is relatively high-end even if the PET bottles, and drug packaging materials with good gas barrier, blocking water vapor, oxygen performance is the best, can fully meet the special storage requirements of Pharmaceutical Packaging Material. In addition, PET has excellent chemical resistance, can be used in addition to alkali and a part of the organic solvent outside the packaging of all items, PET resin recycling rate is higher than other plastics, as a waste combustion treatment, due to Its low calorific value is burned and does not produce harmful gases. Food packaging made from PET meets food hygiene requirements because PET resin is not only a harmless resin, but also a pure resin without any additives, it through the United States, Europe and Japan, including a very strict food hygiene The law of inspection is considered to be a qualified and safe drug and food packaging material.