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Main Problems And Suggestions Of Veterinary Medicine Tablets Products In China
Sep 11, 2017

Main Problems and Suggestions of Veterinary Medicine Tablets Products in China
    Veterinary Medicine Tablets in China has more than five thousand years of history, is China's national treasure. There are more than 3,000 Veterinary Medicine Tablets in the Materia Medica, and about 300 more commonly used Veterinary Medicine Tablets. Today, there are more than 600 Veterinary Medicine Tablets production base, 40O variety of Veterinary Medicine Tablets, the output value of about 300,000 tons, accounting for 70% of the country Veterinary Medicine Tablets supply, there are more than 400 kinds of wild Chinese herbal medicine , Capital is very rich. According to the report: Japan developed Veterinary Medicine Tablets preparations, 80% of its material from China, the annual export of Veterinary Medicine Tablets goods accounted for the world Veterinary Medicine Tablets preparations sold 90% of the total, has become
    For the world's largest Veterinary Medicine Tablets commodity exporter; South Korea and Taiwan each 4%, while China only 2%. We can see China was Veterinary Medicine Tablets commodity development and production in the back, factors in the safety should lead to a high degree of attention. This article on the then China Veterinary Medicine Tablets preparations for the existence of the primary questions and ideas, talk about their own views, only for colleagues to see.
At that time the Chinese Veterinary Medicine Tablets preparations commodity first question
    (A) Veterinary Medicine Tablets produced in the production of the primary question
    "Veterinary Medicine Tablets is good," Veterinary Medicine Tablets. Veterinary Medicine Tablets are generous, but the Veterinary Medicine Tablets are very complex, and there are many mixed products and counterfeits in the Veterinary Medicine Tablets, showing a "good medicine without good medicine". At that time Veterinary Medicine Tablets material production in the existence of the primary question table now the following aspects.
    Loss of pesticide residues and overrun pollution in the 1Veterinary Medicine Tablets
    2010 drug inspection has been from Changbai Mountain ginseng detected in highly toxic pesticides 666 and heavy metal pollution. From the astragalus, honeysuckle, Atractylodes, Ophiopogon japonicus, angelica and Codonopsis found rich in organic phosphorus and carbamate pesticide residues. Insulin DDT residues were detected in American ginseng, chrysanthemum, aster, mint and barley. In the honeysuckle also detected dichlorvos. Veterinary Medicine Tablets in the pesticide residues and overrun pollution, has a universal, serious impact on the Veterinary Medicine Tablets materials, product quality, safety and control effect, should lead to a high degree of attention.
    2 adulterated at Veterinary Medicine Tablets
    Many farmers in the Veterinary Medicine Tablets adulterated after the sale to the company, from which the legitimate profit. According to the 2010 report: some areas in the honeysuckle to participate in magnesium sulfate, can make 10 kg of honeysuckle weight gain to 40 kg sold to the production company. 2011 According to the relevant administrative part of the view found that the sale of the market in the capillaris, dandelion and dodder and other herbs are rich in 20% of the sediment, the quality of low quality. There are papyrus do not scratch the skin, do not take heart; white peony roots do not go to the root; plateland root not to the head and roots; peach kernel, almonds do not peel; Suanzaoren rich in a lot of shell; Ophiopogon japonicus and lotus seeds do not heart, To increase the weight, sold to the production company, the quality is difficult to ensure. Some farmers are more vicious, with hydrogen peroxide soaked Gastrodia, bleaching; some with iron oxide washing Danshen, for dyeing, so good, raise the sale price, access to profits.
    3Veterinary Medicine Tablets has become a "agricultural commodity" production, resulting in Veterinary Medicine Tablets material quality low quality
    According to the 2011 report: now Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan and other places to sprinkle the grass in the earth, like the same kind of vegetables, fertilizer and pesticide cultivation. Campanulaceae grows for 2-3 years, and many local species are sold for 1 year. Licorice and rhubarb growth for more than 3 years, and now farmers 1 year to sell on sale. Some farmers to cultivate Ophiopogon japonicus when the use of Zhuanggan Ling pesticide, yield can be improved from 300 kg to more than 1000 kg; cultivation of pesticide pesticide use, the yield can be increased by 1 times. The wind spreads in the area, the impact is extremely bad. Astragalus is the best quality of the local growth to the north of the Yellow River, and the quality of the local growth of Astragalus mongolica in the south of the Yellow River