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Inoculation Of Ampoules Before And After Vaccination Should Pay Special Attention To The Details
Oct 19, 2017

Inoculation of Ampoules before and after vaccination should pay special attention to the details
Although inoculation of live pig vaccination Ampoules is the basic measure to reduce swine disease and promote healthy growth of pigs, but inoculation of Ampoules is still a lot of details need attention.
1, targeted selection of Ampoules. To master the region and the epidemic of the epidemic situation, targeted, selective immunization prevention. Immunization should follow the principle of viral disease immunity first, swine fever, foot and mouth disease, pseudorabies, circovirus, encephalitis, parvovirus and other controversial virus disease Ampoules must be immune. Bacterial seedlings to be based on the specific circumstances of the field of selective use, Ampoules use is not the more the better, can not use Ampoules do not use, some diseases can be added by drug prevention, never had swine disease, swine erysipelas, chain Coccidia and other pig farms may not be vaccinated against these diseases.
2, to avoid stress. Inoculation of Ampoules before and after a few days, should be avoided as far as possible caused by intense stimulation, such as blood, castration and so on. Weaning, before and after the group a few days and so easy to cause the stage of stress should not injection seedlings. These stress factors will reduce the immune function of the body, although the injection of Ampoules, but the resulting antibodies less affect the immune effect. Should be avoided by injecting live Ampoules with disinfection on the same day.
3, disable antimicrobial and antiviral drugs. The attenuated vaccine is effective only if it is survived and breeded in immunized pigs. Therefore, it should not be fed with antibacterial and antimicrobial agents (such as antibiotics, sulfonamides, fluorine Quinolones, etc.) of the feed and additives, or mixed drink, injection of any antibacterial drugs. Pigs live 15 days before Ampoules injection and 2 months after injection of oxytetracycline, kanamycin and other drugs and containing the above drugs with feed. Otherwise Ampoules in the viable bacteria will be killed and affect the immune effect. After the inoculation with the reaction of antibiotics with the treatment of pigs, should be isolated or make a mark, to be re-injected 2 weeks after re-injection. Within 1 week after the injection of the virus attenuated vaccine, no ribavirin (ribavirin), morpholine guanidine, amantadine, porcine leukocyte interferon, polyphase and other antiviral drugs should not be used, serum.
4, after injection must observe 15 min. Individual pigs in the injection may occur after the acute allergic reactions, manifested as disturbed, trembling, cyanosis, vomiting, vomiting, difficulty breathing, lying down, etc., should immediately use adrenaline, dexamethasone and other anti-allergic drugs emergency rescue The
5, to avoid the use of immunosuppressive agents. Whether it is injection of virus seedlings or bacterial seedlings, regardless of injection of live seedlings or dead seedlings, 5-7 days before and after immunization should be avoided using Ampoules immune response to drugs and immunosuppressive agents such as florfenicol, olaquindox, sulfa (Such as gentamicin, kanamycin), tetracyclines and dexamethasone and other glucocorticoids, because of their synthesis of antibodies have a certain inhibitory effect, or on the T, B lymphocytes Transformation has a significant inhibitory effect, thus affecting the immune effect.
6, to avoid two or more Ampoules injection at the same time, so as not to interfere with each other to produce antibodies. Swine blast live Ampoules, blue ear disease attenuated vaccine, pseudo-rabies virus and other virus live Ampoules between, must be more than 7 d interval. Pork foot and mouth disease O-type inactivated vaccine can not be mixed with swine live Ampoules injection, first immunized with swine fever, after vaccination Ampoules.
7, after immunization to strengthen feeding and management. To ensure that the supply of protein, energy, vitamins and trace elements, reduce the various stresses, do not feed the mycotoxin contaminated feed to facilitate the production of antibodies.
8, to strengthen the biosecurity measures. Injection Ampoules is not a panacea, but also do a good job of disinfection, isolation and other veterinary epidemic prevention measures, do a comprehensive control.