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How To Identify The Ampoules Is Good Or Bad
Aug 18, 2017

How to identify the Ampoules is good or bad
The current sow estrus rate is low, the incidence of mastitis, mastitis is high and mycotoxin poisoning has a great relationship. Therefore, the market variety of Ampoules products on a wide range of quality uneven.
So, how can the farmers choose good quality Ampoules products? In addition to the choice of regular manufacturers of products, the animal husbandry, animal husbandry, animal husbandry, animal husbandry and horses for you to recommend a good way to identify the quality of Ampouless, easy to use the effect of good, high quality Ampoules products.
Ampoules is the main role of the adsorption of mycotoxins, and other enzymatic engineering, microbial engineering is as an auxiliary function, so judge an Ampoules is good or bad to see the size of its adsorption capacity, while not adsorbing nutrients. The following small experiment can allow farmers in 30 minutes, you can prove that the size of an Ampoules adsorption capacity and the situation of nutrients, to determine its good and bad, eliminating the trouble with the clerk.
In Vitro Simulated Adsorption Experiment of
1. Purpose
To assess the size of the Ampoules product adsorption capacity, to determine its ability to adsorb mycotoxins.
2, method
① take a transparent cup of water to 4/5;
② with a straw drop 2 drops of ink (on behalf of mycotoxin) to the cup;
③ take a vitamin B2 (human, yellow, water-soluble, on behalf of nutrients) into the cup, crushed to dissolve;
④ said a little (1 ~ 3g) to detect the Ampoules into the cup;
⑤ three kinds of substances (Parker ink, vitamin B2, Ampouless) in the cup stirring, mixing evenly after stopping stirring, standing for 30 minutes or so to see the results.
3, the results of judgment
1) high quality Ampoules, the cup was transparent yellow
The Ampoules is not able to absorb nutrients while adsorbing mycotoxins, so the good Ampoules product will sit in the bottom of the cup after 30 minutes of standing, while the yellow vitamin B2 will still dissolve in the water. The result is: Transparent yellow.
2) Poor Ampoules: The cup is black or is light and colorless
Poor Ampoules experimental results are either black (poor adsorption capacity), or is a light colorless (adsorption force is too strong, the nutritional adsorption).
How to simply evaluate the Ampoules is good or bad, a small experiment can be done. At this point, out of the Ampoules know the misunderstanding
Ampoules product features
1, selective adsorption of mycotoxins, do not interfere with the absorption of nutrients, the toxins from the body.
2, with a large adsorption surface, close with the mycotoxin, can significantly reduce mycotoxin activity.
3, the rapid reduction of animal gastrointestinal and blood concentration of mycotoxins, and ultimately eliminate the toxicity of mycotoxins.
4, in the feed to add bleomycin, can significantly reduce the cattle and sheep milk in the residual amount of aflatoxin M1 to the level can not be measured.
5, improve the vitamins. Fatty acids and essential amino acid utilization (Ducoa, i994)
6, to improve animal immunity, animal intake of high doses of mycotoxin will lose immunity.
7, effectively protect the poultry liver from aflatoxin damage, significantly improve the growth rate of broilers.
8, to ensure the normal development of animal liver and kidney metabolic organs, to protect the normal development of embryos, significantly reduce livestock embryonic malformations, abortion and stillbirth.