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How Can Veterinary Medicine Tablets Prevent The Parasitic Diseases Of Young Chickens
Jul 07, 2017

How can Veterinary Medicine Tablets prevent the parasitic diseases of young chickens

1. Selection of Veterinary Medicine Tablets:

First of all, should choose appropriate herding breeds, high disease resistance, native soil, miscellaneous chicken is suitable for grazing breeding of good varieties of wild, although slower growth rate, low or egg production, feed remuneration is not high, but the meat is delicious, high nutritional value of egg, market price is high, big profits. Traditional egg-laying chickens can also be raised.

Ii. Prevention and control of Veterinary Medicine Tablets:

The type of disease that often occurs in chickens is similar to that of traditional feeding, but it is easier to get sick. , put chicken group of diseases characterized by respiratory disease is relatively less, but the intestinal disease is more, such as necrotizing enterocolitis, ulcerative colitis, traditional breeding rare chicken tissue trichomoniasis (also known as appendix hepatitis or black disease) are more common. Because grasshopper, ant, housefly, earthworm and so on are the intermediate host of chicken parasite, Veterinary Medicine Tablets the chicken pecked by the chicken is easy to catch the parasite disease, such as tapeworm disease, roundworm disease, tissue trichomoniasis etc. Other parasitic diseases such as coccidiosis, chicken lice, mites and other diseases are also easy to occur, and in addition, it is easy to have chicken pox and pecking. Therefore, the technicians of the veterinary drug company have been tested and improved, Veterinary Medicine Tablets and the following nine views are offered for the prevention of the disease of the chickens.

1. In order to prevent disease prevention, the site should be selected first. Site selection should follow the following: it is good for epidemic prevention and convenient transportation. The site should be in a dry, dry and well-drained area. Have shade equipment in the area to prevent sunstroke or rain. And in the area of chicken activity do not have the dead water pond, the sewage pit, after the rain should clear the site water. A sand bath pit is built in the area of the chicken group activity to prevent the external parasitic disease.

2. A suitable chicken coop. Although the day chicken is in the field, the night chicken will return to the house, the cloudy day, the rain will also go back, the chicken house will be convenient for the chicken to come back. Don't be too small.

According to the season, Veterinary Medicine Tablets start early. You can have your chicks in your house and then put them in the wild after 30 days. Otherwise, chickens can't get used to the wild and get sick easily.

4. When raising, supplement the feed according to the season and site, so as to avoid the lack of nutrition.

5. Regular vaccines should be inoculated on time and correctly, especially the prevention of chicken pox in advance.

Always give some antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. The new drug of veterinary drug film co., LTD. : doxycycline, ciprofloxacin, penicillin, streptomycin and butyl acetamycin can be effective. Regular insect repellent is essential and important to keep chickens. Regular use of drugs to prevent coccidiosis: compound aminoprophyrin, madulamycin, dike, etc.

7. Timely remove the excrement from the house and regularly use the anti-disinfectant series produced by the veterinary drug manufacturer, such as the green source and the smoked king, sterilize the chicken coop and the activity site.

8. When feeding in the woods and orchards, Veterinary Medicine Tablets also prevent pesticide poisoning.

9. The chicken group should be diagnosed and treated in time after the disease. Often to the chicken group activities within the area, and a day to the hen house as soon as possible after put chicken watch again, see whether sick chicken, found dead chicken should be removed immediately after, Veterinary Medicine Tablets the sick chicken alone on special inner breeding, no therapeutic value of chicken should be resolutely eliminated.