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Foam Scrap Recycling Granulator Can Be Used In Reprocessing
Dec 12, 2016

Foam scrap recycling granulator can be used in reprocessing

At present, the waste foam everywhere, in response to the call of the country, protecting the environment, eliminating pollution, use of renewable resources, recycling benefits. Henan Ju Yi machinery the company offers foam granulator, scrap foam granulation machine, Bubble Maker, used foam recycling machine.

Bubble made grain machine, waste bubble made grain machine, bubble particles machine, waste bubble recycling machine. products applies Yu---electrical packaging--car bubble--outside wall insulation material--model room material--waste bubble, processing made grain of dedicated mechanical, used electric for network technology, improve has efficiency, operation simple, made of particles color light, improve products into rate, reduced production cost, market prospects broad, operation simple, by general user of praised

Uses: used in processing discarded fast food boxes, household appliances and packaging EPS foam (styrofoam), which converts it into a recycled PS pellets. This recycled plastic-made shell, such as stationery, toys and electrical appliances.

Features: 1, main and auxiliary machine screw barrel adopt imported high quality carbon structural steel, durable. 2, 200 conical screw barrel, speed up the feed speed, greatly improving production and quality. 3, the use of primary and secondary production, temperature stability, improve the molecular structure of materials, enhanced permeability, improved quality of grain 4, the unit consists of broken machines, extruders, automatic traction cutting machine. Automatic feeding, automatic temperature control, automatic dust removal, removal, automatic filter, integrated design, production process and pollution-free.