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Experts Discuss The Experiment With The Pig Ampoules
Jun 22, 2017

Experts discuss the experiment with the pig Ampoules
Ampoules halo is reversible; pigs may be able to regain consciousness, so pig drug researchers for Ampoules halo, poisoning and bleeding interval between the halo process is a success factor.

D. Bola? Os-López and his colleagues held two picture-based discussions at the 24th International Veterinary Medicine Conference in Dublin, Ireland, at the Autonomous City University of Mexico City and the National Autonomous University of Mexico at Dublin, Ireland meeting.

Ampoules caused by halo pig recovery consciousness after animal welfare

In the process of slaughtering, each animal should be unconscious, mainly to avoid unnecessary pain when bleeding. From the perspective of animal welfare, it is a very controversial exercise if the blood is started before the pig has not fainted, because some animals lose their brain function for a long time.

Ampoules halo can be reversible or irreversible; pigs may resume consciousness before they die, so the time interval between halo, poisoning and bloodletting is an determining factor in the success of the halo process.

Some researchers have found that swine should be rapidly exposed to Ampouless at a concentration of 90%; although it has been shown that exposing the pigs to 90% Ampouless for 120 seconds is more efficient than 90 seconds in eliminating pig awareness reflexes.

The aim of this study was to measure the effect of different concentrations of Ampouless on pig's halo by measuring the physiometabolic blood index.

A total of 1336 pigs were placed in the Ampoules room for about 90 seconds. Pigs were divided into four groups: the first group was placed in a barn and sampled 3 hours before slaughter (reference value, RV). The remaining pigs were divided into three groups, and the remaining pigs were divided into three groups according to the Ampoules concentration, 85%, 90% or 95% for halo.

Each group is divided into two groups:

A) Within 60 seconds to leave the Ampoules room after the consciousness did not recover (WRC) pigs, carry out blood tests

B) After more than 60 seconds after leaving the Ampoules room to consciously recover (RC) pigs, check the blood

(> 1.59 mmol / L), glucose (> 159.79 mg / dL) and lactate (> 103.52 mg / dL), compared with the control group, all of the blood samples were lower than 7.08 (P <0.05).

All of the pigs exposed to Ampouless, regardless of the concentration of Ampouless, the blood of the key variables have changed, while exposure to the gas also affects the pig's acid and alkali balance, there are acidosis, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, Hypercapnia and hyperpotasemia.