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Discussion On The Technology Of Production Of Commodity In Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Sep 11, 2017

Discussion on the Technology of Production of Commodity in Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Chinese herbal medicine quality is good or bad, related to the quality of traditional Chinese medicine preparations and clinical useful effect, after all, related to the health of people and animals, the matter can not be underestimated. Therefore, the production base of Chinese herbal medicine throughout the country should be unified planning, strengthen leadership and supervision, so that the production of Chinese herbal medicine to base, large-scale, standardized and scientific production. Strict cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine cultivation of what kind of fine selection, the demand in the soil of what kind of cultivation, Shashi Hou cultivation, the application of fertilizer, how to prevent disease, how many years into herbs, when the harvest, how to retain and initial processing, skills Guidance and supervision. As long as it is for the pharmaceutical Intermediates company to provide stable performance, excellent quality of Chinese herbal medicine material, but also from the fundamental treatment of Chinese medicine source disorders, quality varies greatly, and the resulting pharmaceutical Intermediates preparation of product quality is not stable question.
    Publish Commodity Quality Code as soon as possible
    In the vigorously increase the quality of Chinese herbal medicine production quality management practices (GAP) with the implementation, to quickly put forward the introduction of pharmaceutical Intermediates product quality norms. Pharmaceutical Intermediates can not be thoroughly controlled by Western medicine (Western medicine) to evaluate the effect of Pharmaceutical Intermediates. According to the concept of traditional Chinese medicine, such as disease prevention and treatment, treating the symptoms and treating the whole system and a series of dialectical treatment, establish commodity quality control, Production, drug efficacy and safety assessment to ensure that the pharmaceutical Intermediates are of a safe, safe, reliable and easy to use product.
    Discussion on Strengthening the Basic Theory of Pharmaceutical Intermediates
    Nowadays, we should strengthen the research on the mechanism and material basis of the Pharmaceutical Intermediates. The state should increase its investment and build channels to allow the company to discuss with the relevant institutions or scientific research units, and take the road of production, study and research. The main points are based on the theory of traditional veterinary medicine and the theory of multi-component, multi-level, multi-target, induction and all-level adjustment, using modern bioscience skills and modern instrumental analysis skills at the molecular level with cells Level of pharmaceutical Intermediates on the mechanism of action and material basis to prove that Pharmaceutical Intermediates formulations occur
    The effect of the target organ or target, and how the pharmaceutical Intermediates effect and effect, and finally explain the effect of the results of the pharmaceutical Intermediates effect. Such a basic work has a very important theoretical meaning and useful value.
    Discussion on the Technology of Production of Commodity in Pharmaceutical Intermediates
    In order to change the technical medium of the pharmaceutical Intermediates, the dosage is too large, the palatability is poor, the transportation is safe and the inconvenience of transportation is used. In particular, it is the molecular identification and purification skills of Chinese herbal medicines, filtration and enrichment skills, ultrafine powder skills and production quality control skills (such as Pharmaceutical Intermediates, DNA molecular marker skills, high specificity PCR skills and gene chip skills, etc.) Skills, to point to the discussion. Because these modern biotechnologies are related to the safety of pharmaceutical Intermediates, it is important to determine the quality of the Pharmaceutical Intermediates and the accuracy of the trials and the clinical effects. In order to open the declaration of excellent quality, good effect, the use of convenient new products, new formulations of Pharmaceutical Intermediates formulations, put veterinary drug shopping malls to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of China's animal husbandry.
    Accelerate the cultivation of talents
    In today's world continue to show "super bacteria", pathogen variation, new pathogens continue to show, and the era of ecological pollution, Pharmaceutical Intermediates prospects are very broad. Not only the domestic veterinary drug companies need a lot of modern knowledge of the pharmaceutical Intermediates professional knowledge of the medium and high-end skilled personnel, and Chinese herbal medicine production base also requires a lot of skilled personnel. As the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicine "medicine farmers" the vast majority of the lack of professional knowledge of Chinese medicine, usually the formation of Chinese herbal medicine, misuse, misuse. To this end, the state should focus on strengthening the teaching and cultivation of professionals in the Chinese veterinary medicine and Pharmaceutical Intermediates, transporting skilled personnel for high-level agricultural institutions, research institutes, veterinary drug companies and Chinese herbal medicine production bases to accelerate and complete China's "Modernization of traditional Chinese medicine" process, power in the future.