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Chinese Scientists Have Found That The Animal Receives The Satiety Of The Veterinary Medicine Tablets
Jun 22, 2017

Chinese scientists have found that the animal receives the satiety of the Veterinary Medicine Tablets
People are known to promote eating "appetite signal", but the animals terminate the eating of neural mechanisms known little Reporters on the 8th from the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Biophysics was informed that veterinary scientists have identified the latest sense of satiety "satiety signal" is expected to provide a way to solve the problem of obesity.

Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Li Yan, who completed the study. They use the fruit genome with high homology as an animal model, cleverly designed the experiment, so as to find the new molecule "FIT" that regulates the eating behavior of the Veterinary Medicine Tablets in the fruit fly.

According to reports, in the daily intake of three kinds of nutrients that are veterinary tablets, fat, sugar, animal tablets on the inhibition of eating the most obvious effect. Previous studies have also confirmed that excessive intake of veterinary tablets will increase the kidney and liver and other organs of the pressure, causing acid-base balance. Scientists so to "animal pills" as a breakthrough.

The results showed that the gene expression level of FIT was significantly increased after Drosophila ingestion of food, but no response to other types of food. When the FIT gene is overexpressed, it will inhibit the fruit fly eating veterinary tablets. And FIT mutant fruit flies even just a large number of intake of veterinary tablets, still can not "stop the mouth."

Researchers have further found that FIT can be released into the haemolymph of Drosophila, and can also promote the release of a class of insulin from the brain of the fruit fly to regulate eating behavior. Interestingly, FIT expression in female flies is about 10 times that of male flies.

The study notes that this study reveals how the "satiety signal" is communicated to the central nervous system and precisely regulated eating behavior. Now the world's billions of people almost reached the "three lines, there must be a fat", the study will be their diet control and treatment programs to open up new ways.