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Bubble Wrap Position In The Packaging Industry
Dec 12, 2016

Lean bubble wrap in simple terms is the use of foam packaging products made of Changzhou, we're usually talking about is from expanded polystyrene thermal processing of raw material through a die by, commonly known as "bubble". And expanded polystyrene itself is an ideal packaging material, various requirements can be based on molding process to make various shapes and different thickness of the product. Under high load, material deformation and energy absorption, decomposition of energy, but also to achieve the role of cushioning, shock absorption, and has the function of insulation, thermal insulation. Products are generally white, of course, can also be produced according to the requirements for color.

In this colorful world of gorgeous pure white foam like an extraterrestrial visitor, but that simple, stable, environmentally friendly foam packaging accounted for bulk orders of the packaging industry. Whether in appliances, furniture, or other such as children toys, broken product has in its shadow.

Lean white polystyrene foam packaging, used television glass, porcelain, furniture, small appliances and other consumer protections. Applies to the sale of products of Changzhou foam packaging, polystyrene is the ubiquitous use. Because it is highly shock absorber, can adapt to almost all of the items in the application. Its drawback is that it is not a particularly green packaging forms. Bubble wrap and it is also widely used in the manufacturing of components and finished products packaging. Another type of bubble wrap in Changzhou, widely used in consumer markets and industries, is. These are used a lot, because they have the same shock absorbing properties of polystyrene, as packaged in a box, when they are in bulk. But the unique thing is, they can fall in any type of cargo, to fit around it.