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Applicable To New Equipment Of Foaming Agent Requirements
Dec 12, 2016

Replacement foam must be used to change the device, changing devices can be divided into 3 categories: for low boiling point of foaming agent (LBBA), for hydrocarbons and for HFC-245fa.

LBBA include carbon dioxide, HCFC-22,HCFC-142b, and HFC-134a. When you use these blowing agents, you must increase pressure on production systems to ensure that these blowing agents in a liquid state. Tolerance class of the device, as well as pressure and temperature control easier to design than conventional equipment. Pipeline equipment and pressure seal must meet the system requirements. Each durable parts such as container tubes, filter, pump, mixing nozzle and heat exchanger of the export and import of isolation valves should be redesigned to ensure stable operation.

LBBA foaming and exposed to the atmosphere would lead to bubbles. Use special hybrid technology can guarantee that the foaming agent dissolved in a solvent at mix time. This hybrid technology is the key to install a throttle valve in the exhaust piston, create back pressure in the container so as to avoid foaming agent foams.

Hydrocarbons (such as butane and pentane and isopentane, Central), is the most important improvement to prevent foaming and combustion. When using hydrocarbons as foaming agent, equipment improvement than other foam cost more, designing a wide range. System, and any cracks that may cause steam leakage must be detected. Preventive and security measures must be put in place in order to respond promptly to any leakage of steam. Equipment changes often include the addition of steam zone wall, electrical grounding, cracks in steam and test equipment and control system. Isolation of hazardous areas to the greatest extent reduce the working area appliances updates, thereby reducing the corresponding investment requirements.

HFC-245fa has a lower boiling point. In addition, the existing equipment can be required only minor changes.

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