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Ampoules Preparation Of The Production Of The Primary Question
Sep 11, 2017

Ampoules preparation of the production of the primary question
    Now the state has agreed to 49 Chinese herbal medicine GMP company produced animal use of traditional Chinese medicine preparations, less manufacturers, equipment behind, lack of talent, lack of skills, far from being satisfied with the needs of animal breeding industry. At that time Ampoules production in the production of the primary question, the table now the following aspects.
    1Ampoules preparation product quality is not stable, technology content is not high
    Ampoules pharmaceutical industry production level compared with other industries, its scientific and technological content is not high. As the Ampoules preparations today, there is no national norms, the lack of scientific qualitative and quantitative methods, Chinese herbal medicine molecular determination and purification skills, enrichment skills, ultrafine powder skills and quality inspection skills lag, production quality control questions difficult to deal with. Coupled with backward production equipment, procedures, the degree of automation is not high, the production of technical parameters and parameters of the control can not reach the objective request. Thus, the formation of Ampoules mall today, Ampoules many types of agents, quality is not stable, with a manufacturer of goods is not the same batch of quality between the batches is not stable, not the same kind of manufacturers produced a great difference in quality, which not only Affect the clinical use of veterinary control effect, but also a serious impact on animal use Ampoules production of goods and carry out.
    2Ampoules preparation product dosage form single
    Ampoules preparations are currently used in veterinary medicine. In addition to a small amount of injections, most of them are powders (powders) and spices. The vast number of users that Ampoules formulations monomeric product, crude rough, the packaging volume is too large, the amount of drugs, the amount of good grasp, palatability is poor, easy to transport custody. Expect the manufacturers to Ampoules preparations to increase the technological innovation products, transformation of the system, increase the scientific and technological content, stable quality, improve the effectiveness of prevention and control for China has five thousand years to carry out the history of Chinese medicine to increase the glory.
    3 blindly engage in mixed traditional Chinese and Western medicine preparations
    A small amount of Ampoules manufacturers wantonly change the prescription, good at the Astragalus polysaccharide injection, Bupleurum injection, Banlangen injection and Houttuynia injection blindly participate in aminopyrine, analgin, adrenaline or antibiotics, engage in what Chinese and Western medicine contact compound preparation, to promote the treatment of high fever pig a needle effect. But in clinical use, the day after treatment, the body temperature decreased, but to the next day the body temperature continued to increase, and the condition becomes more severe, the results of the formation of accelerated pig disease death, death rate increased. Chinese and Western medicine to have a scientific link, to eat a veterinary clinical examination, rather than random to add several traditional Chinese medicine together with Western medicine has become a prescription of Chinese and Western medicine, there is no scientific basis.
    4 in the Ampoules preparations deliberately adulterated, fraudulent users
    Some Ampoules manufacturers in the production of its Ampoules powder packaging marked with increased immune enhancement factor, feeding factors, promote growth agent and anti-stress agent and other words, in order to expand the effect of Ampoules preparation between them, the temptation to purchase users The This is essentially a deliberate fraud, fraudulent users of a marketing approach. There are manufacturers in the sale of Astragalus Granule powder instructions on the use of Astragalus content of 65%, by the drug inspection part of the study and found that the practice of its products as long as the content of astragalus 20%, much lower than the use of dose. Now in the Ampoules shopping malls on the sale of Astragalus polysaccharides, Bupleurum, Radix, Houttuynia, Shuanghuanglian, Andrographis paniculata, licorice, Folium and other injection, often posing as shoddy goods, users choose to seriously see the consent of drugs Production number and manufacturer, so as not to be deceived.
    (C) Ampoules professional grim lack of skilled personnel
    China's veterinary disciplines in the veterinary professional, and no Ampoules professional, and now engage in Ampoules production of goods produced by the vast majority of skilled personnel are learning Western medicine and Chinese medicine professional handling of the past. The national research and development of Ampoules agents rarely, even the only Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Lanzhou Institute of Chinese medicine has changed the title, only a few attached to a single seminar Ampoules seminar room, but also because of lack of research funding , Lack of skilled personnel, and in a difficult situation. The Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science and Technology will be the veterinary medicine as a clinical veterinary discipline under the three disciplines, the formation of the then veterinary disciplines and Ampoules industrial talent, lack of skills, lack of funds, severely affect the Ampoules product innovation And development, to prevent the continued development of China's animal husbandry, should lead to the relevant administrative departments of the high degree of attention.