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Ampoules In The Packaging Market Is Growing
Jul 28, 2017

Ampoules in the packaging market is growing
Whether it is beverages, drugs, food or cosmetics, Ampoules are the best choice for packaging. Glass containers because of its transparency, aesthetics, chemical stability, high temperature and other advantages, has been the packaging industry that is the best packaging containers.
Nevertheless, competition with plastic bottles, aluminum bottles, paper and other packaging materials also forced Ampoules to constantly improve their own deficiencies, so that Ampoules can have better quality, more beautiful.
Pharmaceutical packaging market is growing, the number of domestic Ampoules is declining year by year, mainly in Hebei Cangzhou, Guangzhou and Shandong and other places mainly, although not much, but the market competition by the plastic bottle business squeeze, is still very intense.
However, if you have an understanding of this market, you will find that the current domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers in a class of ampoule market demand is a gap, mainly rely on imports to meet the needs.
 This reaction is the problem we ampoule enterprises in the production technology and foreign advanced ampoule manufacturers gap. Only through the processing of low-end Ampoules, not only the market is highly competitive, and the profit is very low, leading enterprises in difficult to survive.
It can be said that Ampoules are replaced by plastic bottles. However, in some medicinal products on the packaging can not leave the ampoule. At present, domestic enterprises innovation and R & D strength of the existing problems, we hope that the relevant departments to increase guidance and support efforts to improve the competitiveness of these enterprises market. The only way to protect the integrity of China's pharmaceutical packaging market.
Ampoules are made of phenolic resin as the main raw material of thermosetting plastic bottles, such as phenolic molded plastic (commonly known as bakelite), with a rugged, stable size, resistance to alkali and other characteristics of chemical substances, etc. According to different purposes and requirements , Such as the use of asbestos or other heat-resistant filler; such as the requirements of the seismic species, Suitable fibers or rubbers are fillers and some toughening agents to produce high toughness materials.
Ampoules can also be used with aniline, epoxy, polyvinyl chloride, polyamide, polyvinyl acetal and other modified phenolic resin to meet the requirements of different purposes.Phenolic resin can also be made of phenolic laminate, ampoule is characterized by mechanical High strength, good electrical properties, corrosion resistance, easy processing, widely used in low-voltage electrical equipment, such as phenolic plastic, epoxy plastic, etc. Thermosetting plastic is divided into formaldehyde cross-linking and other cross-linked type two. Heat or other conditions can be cured or insoluble (melt) characteristics of the plastic hot forming after forming a non-insoluble cured material, the resin molecules from the linear structure of cross-linked into a network structure. Typical thermosetting plastics are phenolic, epoxy, amino, unsaturated polyester, furan, polysilicate and other materials, as well as newer diacetylene diacrylate diacrylates, etc. They have high heat resistance and are not easy to heat Deformation and other advantages.
Ampoules must have a certain external function, because after the completion of the production, to carry out various forms of transport and storage, in order to avoid damage in the process of ampoule, it must meet certain standards. Ampoule also has a certain display function, he can shape, color and surface smooth and transparent to attract customers, so as to stimulate the customer's desire to buy. Drug series, types and models can be distinguished by color. Want to show the color and quality of drugs can use transparent solid plastic bottles; part of the display or first semi-concealed content when we can choose translucent solid plastic bottles; in the packaging of various colors of drugs is that we can choose opaque solid plastic bottles The