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Triangle bag packing machine description operation methods and points for attention
Dec 12, 2016

One or three tea bag packing machine ready to work:

1, dirt, debris and other items on a clean machine, cleaning and disinfection of the parts come into contact with foodstuffs.

2, check the screws from loosening during transport. Turn of belt by hand for a week, and check that the machine is stuck does not turn, if the reasons should be identified and removed.

3, cross-pillar, cam, cutting wait for all moving parts of the clutch oil (use 36# oil). Check if the gearbox oil, looked less than oil bunker line, please join the 36# oil.

A) plugged in and the electrical control box on the GFCI.

B) set vertical and horizontal mold temperature, the temperature on the temperature controller heating to package temperature.

Second, the boot sequence:

Dynamic packaging machine commissioning. Will go down the clutch handle to disconnect the identity. No abnormal start the free operation of the machine.

1, identifies the stepless speed adjusted to the slow position.

2, down the trans-membrane diagram procedure to packing material along the former to the vertical mould, seal, clutch disengaged with their right hand drawing paper, drawing with his left hand to pull the paper round, drawing on the clutch.

3, start packing machinery bag, check its sealing qualities.

4, loading and unloading the handle, observe the feeding time is correct.

5, barrel pour a small amount of material, start packing machine, try the finished product, check whether the package weight to meet the requirements.

6, the preparatory work is completed, finished production can be carried out.

Third, the shutdown sequence:

Disconnect the clutch → press the stop key to stop blanking → → disconnect main power switch cleaning, cleaning

Four or three bag machines Note:

1, the operator must be familiar in the above order, it may cause machine failure.

2, the machine in the working process, should pay attention to machine sounds are normal, the temperature is normal, and packaging films are used up, stores run out. Operators must not be separated from packaging machines in the production process, find the problem should stop check in time.

3, adjust the agencies must remember the original size and position, in order to adjust well back to the original starting point. Under the new machine is running to be the slowest running 100 to 150 hours