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Security trends in pharmaceutical packaging machines
Dec 12, 2016

(1) digital security technology. Digital security technology is a product of printing technology integrated with database and communications technology, often in the form of labels used in pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting packaging, the advantage of low production costs. But the obvious drawback is the low rate of query, comprehensive security and high cost.

(2) ink anti-counterfeiting technology. Ink anti-counterfeiting technology is used with special ink on the secret anti-counterfeiting packaging anti-counterfeiting technology of printed material or identity, current technology is mature, can be realized easily, without increasing printing costs, updates, features, you can effectively enhance the fraud threshold. But with the development of anti-counterfeiting ink market, many anti-counterfeiting ink can be readily available in the market, thereby reducing its security effect.

(3) optical anti-counterfeiting is one of the earlier domestic application of anti-counterfeiting technology, such as laser hologram labels, hot stamping and laser hologram labels, refraction printing, color patterns and other forms, its advantages are: Visual impact, multiple transforms, the icing is a strong direction. But the downside is: holographic products of low easy to clone, consumer identification difficult. Therefore, in packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, different and pharmaceutical products should be focused, in practical applications should be integrated as far as possible, cross-technology platform to improve the security capabilities of pharmaceutical product packaging, playing a variety of anti-counterfeiting technology advantage, avoid short, Director.

Above all, future pharmaceutical packaging security technology is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

(1) use a variety of security technology for comprehensive security. Such as: safety shading design combined with special ink printing, can effectively prevent the scanning, copying means paper anti-counterfeiting holographic hot stamping labels labels and combined packages use security anti-counterfeiting mission design flowers and so on.

(2) security of information technology, especially in cryptography, database technology, modern communications technology-oriented coding anti-counterfeiting technology in drug packaging and distribution is widely used to realize zero-distance between consumers and the pharmaceutical manufacturers product information.

(3) digital watermarking technology developed and popularized in the pharmaceutical packaging materials.

(4) the biometric information security technology will be more widely used. Biological DNA anti-counterfeiting as transplantation results in biotechnology, high technology and security capabilities. But judging from the current situation, due to its ability to directly identify to improve (usually require specialized tools to identify), normally used to three or four lines of legal identification technology to identify.

(5) electronic technology, automatic identification technology and other anti-counterfeiting technologies will more closely together to drug packaging.

(6) identify, moderate price, difficult to counterfeit anti-counterfeiting packaging materials will become an important feature of anti-counterfeiting technology product packaging for medicine in the future.

(7) the laser holographic anti-counterfeiting will be more high technology continues to play an important role in the field of anti-counterfeiting of drugs, full dimensional, dynamic, true-color holographic anti-counterfeiting technology will substantially be used, allowing to better pharmaceutical packaging security effect.