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Pharmaceutical common packaging materials
Dec 12, 2016

① glass: glass with moisture, easy to seal, transparent and stable chemical properties of more advantages, but glass also has many disadvantages, such as heavy, fragile, and was released by the erosion of aqueous alkaline substances and insoluble took off. In order to ensure the quality of medicines, Pharmacopoeia ampoules, infusion bottles must be rigid neutral glass, fancy light in perishable products, he should choose containers made of brown glass.

② plastic: plastic packaging is strong, easy to seal, bright, transparent appearance, light weight, easy to carry, low prices and so on. But often join in the production of plastics additives such as plasticizers, stabilizers, these additional agents direct contact with the drug might react with drugs, drug quality change. Plastics disadvantages such as light transmittance with a breathable, easy absorption, these shortcomings may accelerate the rate of oxidation of drugs, causing drug spoilage.

③ paper products: sources of paper products and lower costs, brush the moisture-proof coating with a certain degree of moisture resistance, volume according to the needs of manufacturing, with the recovery using the values, is one of the most widely used packaging materials. Disadvantages: low intensity, easy deformation.

④ Black metal: commonly used is black iron, galvanized iron sheet, tinplate, aluminum foil, etc. The good resistance to pressure, sealing, packing group, but the cost is high.

⑤ wood: pressure, is often used as packaging materials, due to the consumption of forest resources, gradually be replaced with materials such as paper and plastics.

⑥ Composites: the composites is a rookie in packaging material, are made of plastic, paper, aluminium foil packaging made of multi-layer composite material. Commonly used paper-plastic composite, aluminum foil, aluminum-polyethylene composite polyester vinyl. These composite materials with good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance to biological performance, keep the vacuum performance and compression performance.

Sadly, rubber products: mainly used in the Cork of the bottle of medicine, due to direct contact with the drug, it requires very good chemical stability and excellent sealing to ensure valid not because of air and moisture into and metamorphosed.