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Particle packing machine maintenance
Dec 12, 2016

Is about packing machine maintenance need to be aware of the following:

Table 1, always pay attention to the machine's oil, normally need to fill every car needs the, attention functioning in particular bearing temperature and then add oil according to the actual situation.

2, we must check whether the worm gear box with oil, which is very important, and worm gear all invade the oil surface, generally speaking, frequent use of particle packing machine to be replaced with new oil every 3 months, how to drain check granule packaging machine instructions, is generally open the oil drain plug on the bottom.

3, when adding engine oil, avoid oil overflows, do not pour in oil machine accessories, because it is easy to pollute other items are more likely to cause fires.

4, couching the monthly check is essential, check the main parts such as worm gear and lubricating parts. Note whether mechanical rotating parts wear or inflexible factors such as production, once sent staff to repair and avoid accidents.

5, machinery should be kept at a constant temperature storage and use in a dry environment, it be prevent machinery easily exposed to wet environment corrosion for breaking the fuselage of the mechanical parts, when used, to keep the air circulating.

6, mechanical operation is finished or stopped, should be washed off and the internal drum, this is for the next Kung Fu in the early of the smooth operation of the machine.

7, if movement occurs during operation of the machine Please set-up M10 screws position, if it is a movement of gear shaft, screws of the bracket behind the set-up, adjustment elastic to fit, because there is no adjusted machine failure-prone serious damage can occur.