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Main responsibilities of the quality control Department pharmaceutical packaging materials
Dec 12, 2016

1, formulation and revision of materials, intermediate and finished products of the internal control standards and inspection procedures, development of sampling and sampling system;

2, development of testing equipment, instruments, reagents, reagent, standard (or control), the titrant, media management approach;

3, determine the use of materials and intermediate products;

4, review product release first batch production records, decided to release of finished products;

5, the audit unqualified handlers;

6, materials, intermediate and finished products for sampling, inspection, sampling and survey report, inspection records until one year after the product sale;

7, monitored in clean room (area) of the number of microbes and dust;

8, stability evaluation of the quality of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products, and to provide data to determine material during storage period, use of the product;

9, the responsibility of development of quality management and inspection.

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