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Fault analysis and treatment method for vertical cartoning machine
Dec 12, 2016

In the vertical cartoning machine, because parts wear, deformation, corrosion, and even caused by the improper operation of the machine is not working properly, their reasons are basically caused by the automatic cartoning machine parts and relative position, changes in the working relations, leading to the part of the technical state does not run correctly, cartoning machine working capacity is reduced or even lost.

Common fault usually has the engine starting difficulties, increased fuel consumption, power loss or other anomalies, such as oil spills, water leakage, air leakage, noise, and so on, serious cause ointment cartoning machine not working, when some indicators beyond the scope of machine faults, it is called a machine failure. Vertical cartoning machines failed, we can find a solution, should take the necessary measures to eliminate, best not to use too much of a mechanical failure of cartoning machine, this will greatly reduce the life of the machine, if it becomes a vicious cycle, will increase wear and tear parts, or even cause accidental damage.

Such as a simple machine failure, as long as the necessary proper maintenance, will be eliminated by adjustments, such as valve clearance is too large or too small, fuel injector pressure due to improper adjustment, bolts, screws or pipes rupture resulting in oil spills, water leakage, air leakage phenomenon, reminded the company of Shi Ming automatic cartoning machine on a regular basis carry out checks and maintenance of the machine.

If serious fault which cannot be solved with general maintenance, such as valve leaks, pump plunger, piston ring wear, replace these parts, the best professionals to carry out proper maintenance, and work to bring it back to normal.