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Characteristics and classification of pharmaceutical cartoning machine
Dec 12, 2016

Pharmaceutical cartoning machine and cartoning machine compared to its special points:

(1) the need to insert drug;

(2) the tray should be randomly printed production date, lot number, expiry date, etc (such as special drug administration codes);

(3) boxes of counting statistics (should be consistent with the drug standard of GMP certification assessment, 4,703 articles count in demands);

(4) the inner packaging and drug quality inspection;

(5) can adapt to change/time requirements. For other uses of cartoning machine, a few special points are not required to meet.

Pharmaceutical cartoning machine (category)

1) were packaged into cartons can be divided into horizontal and vertical. Among them, being pushed horizontally into the packaging tray models known as horizontal, are packed vertically into cartons of models known as vertical.

2) can add the tongue as a finisher tray sealing, adhesive, hybrid, add stickers, expansion, self-locking, etc.

3) classified according to the shape of the packaging plate (such as blister packs), bottle-shaped, tube-shaped, shaped and so on.

4) according to the specifications of the packaging can be divided into single, double, multiple parts, assemblies (for example, 1 bottle of antibiotic powder + 1 ampoule injection).