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Bottle washing machine how to clean vials
Dec 12, 2016

Washing machine is mainly the vial or other similar bottles in the continuous transportation of machines for internal and external cleaning of equipment. Bottle washing machine is used for the first step in the production of the powder injection, thorough cleaning of the vials. Wash vials for drying, sterilization, filling and freeze drying procedures.

Washing machine for vials of cleaning preparations: first of all, washing machine into the station would have unpacked vials after a conveyer belt to the bottle screw, segmented column. Then after a series of star-shaped wheels and Rails, transfer the vials s to drop bottles of drums, when filling in the course of each vial is filled with water. Drop bottle bottle drive the vessel dive on the drums, in the Super wash screw driven by, and after ultrasonic vibration. And liter bottles drum driven by vial bottle up, and was taken by gripping the neck of bottle gripper Manipulator. Led by big wheel vertical vial bottle gripper manipulator flips upside down, into the circular arrangement of washing process:

1, internal and external cleaning of circulating water;

2, circulating water clean again;

3, compressed air to force the water (residual circulation water out from the vial);

4, water for injection cleaning;

5, cleaning residual water in the compressed air;

6, compressed air inside clean again. Then bottle gripper manipulator flipped again, restore the vials upright State and is out of the bottle under the dial connection to a drying process.