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Blister packaging machine guidance
Dec 12, 2016

Method of operation;

① prepare medicines, packaging materials, replacement of batch templates, PVC and aluminum foil is installed, check the cooling water, carefully clean equipment [1]

② power is sent through compressed air;

③ Press the heating button, and adjust the heating and heat seal temperature table to the appropriate temperature;

Black PVC rigid sheet after punching channel to the sword, will pull the foil to hot under the cover plate;

⑤ heating plate and sealing plate up to the right temperature, set the cooling temperature to proper temperature (generally should be 30 degrees);

⑥ When a drugs strewn throughout the feeding track, green button pressed motor, driving empty cars running, blow bubbles, heat sealing and punching are up to the requirements, pill vibration button is pressed and the planetary fabric switch;

Sadly, when you adjust the cutting, cutting required, normal packaging;

⑧ packaging after the shutdown in the following order: press pill the shutdown button-press red button – host of motor stop-General on-off power switch-off inlet valve – close the water inlet valve. Then clean up the machine and on-site maintenance packaging equipment