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Automatic labeling machine for label requirements
Dec 12, 2016

First, the surface material

Stronger label is the key, and therefore requests that the surface material of a certain strength and hardness, strength and material thickness of the label and the label relating to the area, so use a soft thin film material, ought to increase the thickness, general control of more than 100 μ m. Thin paper-like materials, such as 60~70g/m2 of label paper, generally not suitable for bigger labels, and suitable for processing into small labels, such as used on a Labeler price tag. Tagged strong bad can lead to labeling does not appear, together with the backing sheet or label rewinder, automatic labeling failure.

Second, release

Also known as Peel strength, is the label from the backing sheet. Release force and adhesive types, thickness and surface of the backing sheet relating to Silicon, and labeling the environment temperature. Release force is too small labels in the course of transmission easy off (from the backing sheet); too much and labels from the backing sheet difficult, cannot be marked. Integrated control of the technical indicators, the release force within a reasonable range.

Third, at the end of the paper

Are also important indicators of control automatic labeling. Requiring surface coated paper uniform release line thickness uniformity, good tensile strength, ensure that the label is not broken; thickness uniformity, good light transmission, ensure that the sensor is correctly identify the label position.

IV, quality

Requires cutting the end of paper on both sides, without break, avoid tension when changing paper breaks. Die cut or destroyed to avoid cuts through the backing sheet coated layer, bottom sheet and coated Silicon layer is damage prone to backing sheet off or label in the infiltration of the adhesive foil, not labeling and torn paper. In addition, in front of the label to eliminate static electricity within the Web label, because static electricity may cause labeling does not appear or the phenomenon of labeling are not allowed.