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API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients)
May 18, 2017

   The API is the raw material of producing various preparation and the active ingredients in the preparations. The API is used as the medicinal powder, crystal and extract etc. that prepared by the chemical synthesis, plant extraction or biotechnology. The API has pharmacological activity or the direct function in the disease diagnosis, treatment, symptomatic relief and disposal or disease prevention. And it can influence the function or structure of organism.

   According to the source of the API, it can devide into two major categories: chemical synthetic pharmaceuticals and natural chemical pharmaceuticals. And the chemical synthetic pharmaceuticals also devides into inorganic and organic synthetic pharmaceuticals. The natural chemicals include biochemical and plant chemical as its source. The quality of API directly decides the good or bad quality of preparations. Therefore, the requirements of the quality standard is very strict and the countries around the world formulated strictly national pharmacopoeia standard and quality control methods for their widely used APIs.